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Rent Acceleration Clauses Are Enforceable

When drafted properly, rent acceleration clauses are enforceable if a tenant/debtor defaults on a monthly payment and fails to cure its default within a defined period. The law allows businesses to contractually agree to a rent acceleration clause as a liquidated (certain) damages provision.  A liquidated damages clause establishes an amount agreed upon at the … Continue reading Rent Acceleration Clauses Are Enforceable


Damaged During Shipping, Who Pays?

A shipping company hired an out-of-state carrier to deliver its merchandise. The out-of-state carrier damaged the merchandise during the shipment and then refused to pay for the damages which were in excess of $20,000.00. After searching for an experience Boston commercial debt collection lawyer, the shipping company called me. I immediately reviewed the file and … Continue reading Damaged During Shipping, Who Pays?


Tell-tale Signs of Deadbeat Debtor

Boston – A produce supplier’s customer slowly starts making late and then stops making any payments. The customer starts displaying tell-tale signs of deadbeatitis – – “creative” and/or cliché excuses followed by communication black-outs followed by promises of payment which are quickly broken. Frustrated with the slowly rotting debt, the produce supplier calls me. After … Continue reading Tell-tale Signs of Deadbeat Debtor


Out of State Debt Collection

A small Massachusetts’ independent consultant provided services to an out-of-state client. Its client accepted almost $25,000.00 worth of services from the consultant without complaint, yet refused to pay the consultant claiming it was having financial hardship. The independent consultant, fed up with getting taken advantage of by the out-of-state company, hired me! The Massachusetts consultant’s … Continue reading Out of State Debt Collection

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Effective Debt Collection in Massachusetts

There are debt collection attorneys, and then there are EFFECTIVE debt collection attorneys. Trust us, there’s a big difference between the two. So how do you find out who is in the “effective” category? See below… An Effective Debt Collection Attorney will…. Immediately File a Lawsuit: Many attorneys waste valuable time sending letters or making … Continue reading Effective Debt Collection in Massachusetts

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Enforcing Massachusetts Judgments

As with any legal matter, the process of enforcing judgments is determined state by state. Here we take a closer look at how it is done in Massachusetts. For starters, a judgment is a final order of a court that shows how much money is owed by one party to another. Here’s the important part. … Continue reading Enforcing Massachusetts Judgments

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Commercial Debt Collection for Out-of-State Creditors

Are you a creditor located outside Massachusetts with a debtor doing business in Massachusetts? Does this debtor refuse to pay your invoices even after repeated payment requests? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a brief overview of tactics a skilled and experienced attorney uses in order to collect money on behalf of an … Continue reading Commercial Debt Collection for Out-of-State Creditors