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Foreign Judgments

It is a common problem for out-of-state businesses — you’ve done business in Massachusetts, and now you’re facing down a non-payment problem. The internet and ease of travel have made it so that lots of businesses are operating all around the world. However, that doesn’t mean everyone pays for their goods and services as they … Continue reading Foreign Judgments

Enforcement of Liens

The Commonwealth  of Massachusetts has made mechanic’s liens available as a form of remedy for creditors involved with construction projects. To be successful in getting creditors the money they are owed, however, these liens have to be filed properly and enforced properly. What is a Mechanic’s Lien? These liens are used as security for payment … Continue reading Enforcement of Liens

Electronic Signature Statute Helps Debt Settlement

A lumber company supplies building materials to a sub-contractor at a general contractor’s request. Somewhere north of $200,000.00, the sub-contractor becomes a deadbeat. The lumber company emails the general contractor about the debt.  Eventually, the general contractor sends an email stating that it would pay the debt and then fails to pay.  Refusing to take … Continue reading Electronic Signature Statute Helps Debt Settlement

Mechanic’s Lien Protects Lumber Supplier

A lumber supplier sells building materials to one of its customers at two projects. The customer fails to make payment. The lumber supplier calls us. Identifying documents which together form an enforceable a written contract, we immediately prepare a Mechanic’s Lien consisting of a Notice of Contract and Statement of Accounts. After recording the Mechanic’s … Continue reading Mechanic’s Lien Protects Lumber Supplier