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The key to winning any kind of legal conflict in a courtroom – and out of one, too – is to have the right kind of representation. The quality of your legal team, the lawyers you hire, is the most crucial element of your lawsuits and legal negotiations. A great lawyer with immense experience can win very difficult cases, and an average lawyer can easily make winning a basic lawsuit look like a miracle.

With the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, you get the right representation every single time for all problems concerning commercial debt collection in Massachusetts.

6 Reasons You Should Hire Alan M. Cohen for Commercial Debt Collection

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC has a well-trained legal team that follows ethical practices and all lawful means available to try to get you paid the money that you are owed. With our tried-and-tested aggressive approach toward commercial debt collection in Massachusetts spanning over a service period of over 35 years, we have helped countless clients by successfully pursuing unwilling debtors and getting our clients paid.

In the paragraphs that follow, you can read about 6 specific reasons why you should choose the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen, LLC, for your Massachusetts debt collection issues.


The foremost reason for choosing our firm may be the fact that we FOCUS on Massachusetts debt collections legal services. The founding leadership of the firm strongly believes that offering focused services is the way to provide the Firm’s clients the highest standard of service quality. This guiding principle reflects our dedication to our clientele, demonstrating to them that they can expect us to be fully committed to their needs and provide them the very best of legal services possible.


Commitment to quality of legal services and representation has helped the firm develop a stellar reputation over the decades. We have maintained the highest standards of ethical practices and professional legal expertise. In fact, our legal ability and ethical standards are recognized by Martindale-Hubbell’s AV rating for the last twenty years. Note: Martindale-Hubbell is an independent agency that issues peer-reviewed business ratings, reflecting confidential ratings from members of the bar and the judiciary. M-H’s AV rating is their highest rating standard for service quality.


Since we offer FOCUSED legal services for commercial debt collection in Massachusetts, we make sure we offer these services for all kinds of problems associated with commercial debt collection. Our clients are businesses of all sizes and maturity operating in various industries across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with:

Business & Commercial Debt Collections

We work hard to get our client businesses to the front of the payment queue with their debtors. We have done so for decades, serving business creditors, including attorneys, advertising companies, credit unions, banks, building and materials suppliers, commercial landlords, drywall suppliers, electrical equipment suppliers, equipment rentals, fruit suppliers, gasoline, fuel and oil suppliers, general contractors, insulation suppliers, nurseries, private lenders, and many more.

Credit Applications/Contracts

We help financial services and credit providers get the money they are owed by reviewing and re-writing their credit applications and other commercial contracts. We seek to use this first and often last opportunity to spell out our client’s terms and insert clauses that not only are helpful in determining a customer’s creditworthiness but also to the collection of bad debt when your customer morphs into your deadbeat. Our proposed documents include, among other features, what we believe to be legally enforceable terms and strong and enforceable personal guarantees. Sometimes we include cutting edge terms which we expect to protect our clients’ interest, but which have not yet been court tested. We think outside of the box and use our innovative approached to help give our client’s an advantage when it comes to collecting their bad debt.

Debt Collection Litigation

We actively pursue debt collections in Massachusetts courts.  Our litigation team is led by the firm’s founding attorney himself, who is a seasoned litigator and with over thirty-five years of experience in debt collection. Our litigation team is experienced in courtroom action and strongly advocates for our clients so that our clients’ can get paid. After all, isn’t that why you want to hire a debt collections lawyer?

Foreign Judgment Enforcement

If there is a judgment entered by a foreign court and/or sister state,  we can help them domesticate your judgment in Massachusetts courts. We have skilled enforcement of foreign judgment attorneys on our team who have helped numerous clients get paid from Massachusetts debtors as well as from Massachusetts assets held by foreign debtors.

Mechanic’s Liens

When it comes to helping professionals and businesses in the construction industry, our firm has decades of experience in creating mechanic’s liens and enforcing those mechanic’s liens in Massachusetts courts. We believe that hardworking professionals, suppliers, general contractors and sub-contractors have the right to be paid for materials and/or services that they supplied on a construction project. We give our all to make sure that your mechanic’s lien is properly and timely prepared, recorded correctly and then enforced in court when necessary so that our construction clients can get paid.

Preference Actions

If your debtor has filed bankruptcy within 90 days of you getting paid or having obtained an attachment, you could be hit with a preference action out of the bankruptcy court. Don’t panic or give up. The Law Offices of Alan m. Cohen LLC has decades of experience in successfully defending and/or negotiating away preference actions. We are ready to fight preference action filed against you. Our team has successfully handled several such lawsuits, defending our clients with detailed research into the evidence of the case and proving the lawsuit unwarranted or when that is not possible, negotiating a substantial reduction in the amount that our clients; have had to repay to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.


We have countless success stories to share with our prospective clients and many of them are published on our official website. Read our clients’ testimonials. You will note the variety of services we have successfully provided to our clients and what our clients have to say about us. In short, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC is always in your corner when it comes to collecting bad debt.


As a professional legal services firm, we have a stringent focus on professional attitudes across the board. Every member of the team understands that bad debts can have severely detrimental results for our clients and, therefore, every aspect and piece of evidence for the cases we deal in are considered pertinent to the success of our clients. We deliver superior quality services because that is what our clients deserve.


Our customer support practices are second to none. We work hard to ensure a client’s queries are timely answered and are kept well informed of what is going on in their collections litigation. We strive to make sure that every legitimate website visitor and caller receives the information they request immediately.

These are just some of the reasons why you should hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC. If you are tired with messing around with bad debt, call the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC at (508) 620-6900 or email Spend your time making money and leave the collections to us!!

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