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A Good Massachusetts Collection Attorney Can Help Turn A Paper Judgment into Money in the Bank

Getting a paper judgment against a debtor is a good first start, but that’s all it is — a start. Often, a paper judgment cannot pay back the money owed to you without further legal action.

If the debtor was not interested in repaying you before the judgment, what would make them want to pay you after? The answer is Attorney Alan M. Cohen.

Attorney Cohen does not stop with obtaining a paper judgment. He continues to work hard for clients until they see the money they are owed.

Post-Judgment Litigation and Collections

Having a paper judgment gives the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC the ability to take further legal action. With the judgment in hand, we can further investigate the debtor’s assets, uncovering anything that we could not find legally before.

Many debtors do their best to hide their money so that it looks like there’s nothing that can be seized. We know better than that. Using information from depositions, examination of bank accounts and financial statements, and other discovery, we will find out the truth of your debtor’s financial situation, and use it to your advantage.

When we have completed this discovery, we can bring suit on the existing judgment to advance any new information or introduce new parties, all of which can add to the money you are able to collect.

With the judgment, we can also direct the sheriff to seize assets from the debtor, which will then be sold and used to pay the debt owed to you.

Winning a collections judgment gives us a lot of options. We will use every legal tool available to us, attaching any and every asset, and seizing all we can to ensure that you get paid.

While some attorneys stop at winning the judgment, that is not enough for us. As an aggressive, relentless, and dedicated attorney, Alan M. Cohen is committed to turning the paper judgment into money in the bank, which is what you want.

Whether you are just starting the collections process, or have obtained a judgment and are unhappy with the results, our law firm is here to help. We will use every legal weapon in our arsenal.

To learn more about how we can help you get the money you are owed, call us today at (508) 620-6900, or email us at

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