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A Judgment without a Plan for Collection Will not lead to Debt Recovery

How you won your case judgment? Now what are you going to do? Sending the judgment to the debtor so that they know that now they are legally required to pay the debts? Good luck with that!!

Instead, now that you have a judgment, go to the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC who are experienced with enforcing judgments to get you paid. Winning a judgment is nice. Getting paid is even better.  This is what we do.

Our experienced and professional top-rated Massachusetts collection attorney, Alan M. Cohen, can help you recover your monies through smart, effective and aggressive judgment enforcement. Remember that winning a judgment doesn’t bring you to the holy grail of singing cash registers. In fact, all it does is that it states who won the judgment and who has to pay. Besides this, it marks the closure of phase one of your case in the court.

  • Winning a Judgment without Getting Paid is like a Day without Sunshine

Many creditors even after winning a judgment fail to recover on the judgment because they don’t have an aggressive lawyer experienced in judgment enforcement by their side to enforce the judgment or a well-rounded plan of action for debt collection. Winning a judgment without a debt recovery attorney is like a day without sunshine—worse you are without the money you are due.

Most debtors do not just pay the judgment after they lose. If you want to collect on your judgment you need attorneys who focus on debt recovery and judgment enforcement—Massachusetts judgments as well as foreign judgments.  You need the debt recovery attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC who will work their hardest to collect your judgment and get you paid.  You need and deserve aggressive judgment enforcement attorney Alan M. Cohen to handle your case.

  • Unlike Others Our Experienced Debt Recovery Attorneys Know How to Enforce and Collect Judgments in Massachusetts

Our Massachusetts collection attorneys have the experience and skills to enforce and collect judgments. Whether you have a foreign judgment or a Massachusetts judgment, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can help you enforce both aggressively and collect your monies.

Based on our wealth of experience, we know that a judgment without a plan for collection will rarely result in debt recovery. And that is exactly why Debt Collection Attorneys Alan M. Cohen and Glenn Wegrzyn will first review and evaluate your debt recovery case in detail from all angles. We will carry a detailed investigation pertaining to the debtor’s assets like properties, and disclosed bank accounts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Leveraging our findings and analysis, we will then create a well-rounded judgment enforcement plan with a strategic mix of proven legal tools and actions such as attachments, wage garnishment, reach and apply injunctions that we think would work best in your case and will help in efficient debt recovery.

Once the plan is in its execution process, we work hard to stay on the debtor so that they prioritize your debt payments. Simply stated, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that you get paid.

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So, stop the deadbeat shuffle, the dance of judgment debtors. Call our experienced Massachusetts collection attorneys for aggressive and effective judgment enforcement. Call us at (508) 620-6900 or email us at Let us help you to get paid. 

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