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A Judgment without a Plan for Collection Will Not lead to Debt Recovery

Lawsuits are long and troublesome processes. An average claim lasts between six months to a year. If you go through a process this lengthy, along with the other inconveniences not included, it is evident that the debt means a lot to you. Now imagine getting a successful verdict in your favor, only to realize in the end that the debtor refuses to pay, or their assets slipped away into thin air while you were litigating the claim. This is where you would regret not having a plan for debt recovery in place from the beginning. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the team at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC helps to do this for you.

Winning a Judgment without Getting Paid Is Like a Day without Sunshine

After all the hassles— running to court for proceedings, compromising on work and other responsibilities— to see a case through would not mean anything if there is no payment at the end of the day. You run furiously towards the light at the end of the tunnel, only to discover a dead-end. The excitement of winning the judgment would mean nothing if you can’t get the debtor to pay what they owe you in the first place.

Collection attorneys like the lawyers at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC work to make sure that not only is there a plan for debt recovery but also that there are the means to execute these plans. The secret lies in working proactively and investigating the debtor and their actual ability to pay back what they owe you at the beginning of litigation. All that is required is that you put your faith in aggressive relentless collection attorneys with the experience and resources necessary to see things through.

Unlike Others, Our Experienced Debt Recovery Attorneys Know How to Enforce and Collect Judgments in Massachusetts 

There are a number of ways in which debt recovery can be carried out. The exact plans can vary from one case to another, but there is almost always a solution. Ex parte attachments and an array of tactics are available at your disposal but only if you choose attorneys that knows how to execute these effectively. That is why you should call the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, proficient debt collection attorneys who can help you get your hard-earned money back.

Debt collection is not a simple process. The court has no responsibility and will not aid a creditor in the retrieval of their debts if the other party refuses to pay. This is why a strong emphasis is put on developing plans for debt recovery alongside the process of legal proceedings. With an effective debt recovery plan that involves legal tactics to attempt to “convince” a debtor to make the payments that they owe you, you can easily work towards a successful culmination of the case and may finally receive the payment that you have been fighting for.

Give us a call at (508) 620-6900, email us at or visit our website for consultation and evaluation. With our proficient debt collection attorneys, you don’t have to write off your debts without fight. Our attorneys help you enforce your foreign judgments and Massachusetts judgments and more importantly, work to get you paid.

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