Our Staff

Judy is a paralegal at the firm with over sixteen years of experience. Judy assists in the preparation of  pleadings, filings and correspondence for our firm, including complaints, answers, counterclaims, discovery, assessment of damages hearings, and supplementary process hearings. Judy communicates with courts, debtors, and clients. Judy has extensive experience with each of the Registry of Deeds for the many counties of Massachusetts, which aids in hunting down debtors’ real estate  for attachment and enforcement of mechanic’s liens. In addition, Judy is in charge of scheduling. Judy also professionally and politely reminds debtors to timely make their payments.

Eileen is a legal secretary, and joined our firm in 2017.  Eileen is likely the first person that you will speak with when calling our firm and is responsible for our firm’s filing, scanning and document retention and outgoing mail. Eileen opens new files and commences the asset search for your debtor’s monies. Eileen also assists in the preparation of correspondence with our clients, to the courts and to the various sheriffs.

Linda is the office/business manager at our firm, and has been keeping it running since 1994. Linda majored in Accounting, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science. Linda oversees all of the accounts payable, receivables and our firm’s IOLTA (client’s fund) accounts, payroll accounts, and ensures that our firm’s financial obligations are timely met. Linda is also actively involved in the Firm’s marketing efforts and day-to-day operations.