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Alan Cohen

Aggressive Debt Collection Lawyer — Recover Bad Debts and Delinquent Accounts Receivables

With over thirty years of experience as an aggressive debt collection attorney, I can assist you in collecting your bad debt. The war story below reports how as an aggressive debt collections lawyer I collected a bad business debt for my client.

BOSTON…. A food wholesaler’s customer no longer returns telephone calls and is now sixty days past due. Rather than letting the receivable eat away at its bottom line, my client called me. I immediately filed suit and obtained an ex parte bank attachment. Suddenly after freezing $25,000.00 in the bank, the customer found its telephone. KA-CHING!!

Hiring Alan M. Cohen, an experienced aggressive debt collection lawyer, to pursue your bad debts and delinquent accounts receivable can make the difference between KA-CHING and Ker-Plunk in your wallet.

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As a Boston trained aggressive debt collection lawyer, I can use my substantial bad debt collections experience to help you collect your bad debts. For bad debt collection email

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