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Aggressive Massachusetts Collection Attorney Can Turn Bad Debts into Debt Recovery

Whether you operate in or outside Massachusetts, if your customer to whom you had provided goods or rendered services on credit is located in Massachusetts and is not paying off your debt, then get in touch with our experienced and aggressive debt collection lawyer, Alan M. Cohen today.

With us, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, you don’t have to suffer from the stress and frustration that comes with the legwork involved in following up debtors for debt payments. You also don’t have to sit helplessly in the face of bad debts. When your debtor fails to make payments.

That’s right; when you come to us for legal assistance, we handle every aspect of your case and assist you at every step of the way so that you can focus on more important areas of your business – – making money– while we aggressively work to get you paid.

Simply stated, our aggressive Massachusetts collection attorney, Alan M. Cohen can turn bad debts into definite debt payments while you enjoy a stress-free debt recovery experience regardless of where you are located—in the state of Massachusetts, another state or internationally. We work relentlessly and aggressively to help clients get their hard earned monies back into their bank accounts from tricky debtors who want to delay payments or have zero intentions of paying back.

If you’re intrigued to learn how our aggressive Massachusetts collection attorney can help you recover monies from debtors who just won’t pay, then continue reading to find out….

  • Don’t Write off Your Bad Debts Send them to an Aggressive Collections Attorney and not a Passive Collection Agency

When you just can’t seem to get the debtor to pay you, you are left with three choices. These are:

  1. Waive your debt and bear the loss, or
  2. Work with a debt collection agency for collecting your unpaid debt and waste your time, or
  3. Hire a collections attorney to take legal action against the debtor to aggressively seek debt recovery.

Operating in the industry for over three decades, we would advise you to come to us instead of writing off your bad debts or going to collection agency. We have the experience, skills, knowledge and above all passion to pursue your case aggressively to turn bad debts into debt recovery and money in your pocket.

Hiring a passive debt collection agency for debt recovery will do you no good. In fact, it will waste your time. You may find yourself at square one even after months of working with a debt collection agency.  We say this because a debt collection agency is not able to take aggressive legal actions. Indeed, a collection agency cannot take any legal actions in court. All it can do is employ perhaps the same or similar techniques that you have already used when following up with the debtor like sending demand letters and make phone calls to retrieve delinquent accounts.

However, when you hire us, we assure you that our attorney will pursue your claim aggressively working to put the right and best the legal actions in place to recover your money from delinquent debtors. Our attorney will go directly to court to attempt to collect bad debt; which collection agencies cannot. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC our philosophy is simple– “GET YOU PAID”. Click for more….

  • Unlike Others We Aggressively Seek Pre-Judgment Attachments to Secure Debt Recovery

Usually attorneys wait for the court to enter the judgment before they take legal actions against the debtor.

We don’t!

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we work proactively and aggressively by taking measures such as using pre-judgment security tools to secure the debtor’s assets while the lawsuit is pending and before the judgment is passed.

We use pre-judgment attachments with or without notification to help you secure debt recovery. As the name suggests, these pre-judgment security tools are made available by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that prevent the defendant or debtor from taking any action that can reduce their ability to pay off debts to the creditor.

In other words, these security tools prevent the debtor from selling, transferring or moving their assets. Pre-judgment attachments can be and are sought, where appropriate, on real estate and bank accounts and personal property. Click to learn more about pre-judgment security attachments.

  • A Judgment without a Plan for Collection will not lead to Debt Recovery

Many creditors often don’t know that winning a judgment in the court doesn’t necessarily mean that it will lead to debt recovery. Well, it does state who won the judgment and who is required to pay but unfortunately, debtors may not take judgments seriously. In fact, many of them would just treat it like a piece of paper and discard it. This is exactly why you need a proper plan of action to enforce the judgment properly and recover monies. And this is what our attorneys do best.

Our experienced debt recovery lawyer will first review your case thoroughly and research about your debtor’s assets. Based on our evaluation and findings, and leveraging on our experience we will then select the best legal tools and strategies to implement a plan of action that help recover your unpaid bills.

To find out more about how we work our way to create a judgment enforcement plan that delivers positive results, click here….

  • Our Relentless Massachusetts Collections Attorney Use All Available Post Judgment Remedies

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we never give up or give your case a back seat. In fact, for us every case that we work on is a top priority and that is why we give our 100 percent and fight for your right to get paid.

To turn your bad debts into debt recovery, we use all possible and available post judgment remedies such as post judgment discovery where we continue to follow the money trail of the debtor to determine the assets that they have and may be hiding from you.

Other post judgment remedies that we may use to help you get paid include wage garnishments, reach and apply actions, asset seizure, foreclosure of Mortgages, keeper attachments, receivership and post judgment injunctions.

Post judgment remedies will not only take the debtor to the court for asset inquiry but can help you collect your debt by through wage garnishments and other legal actions. Click here for details….

  • We Enforce Massachusetts Judgments; We Collect Massachusetts Judgments

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we are committed to helping clients recover their monies and which is why when we enforce Massachusetts judgments, we follow-up with the debtor. In some situations where the debtor just won’t pay, we may File Rule 69 motions or supplementary process to help you collect monies. Simply put, we’d do whatever we can that is legal and in compliance with the law to maximizes your chances of debt recovery. Click here to learn more.

  • We Domesticate Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts

At times creditors operating outside Massachusetts find it extremely difficult to recover debts from debtors who reside and operate in the State of Massachusetts. This is pretty much because of the fact that judgments won in other states or internationally cannot be directly enforced in Massachusetts.

Therefore, to implement and enforce it the creditor must get the judgment domesticated first. And this is what we can help you with. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we domesticate your foreign judgment in Massachusetts and work to enforce it successfully too. Unlike other attorneys who just file a complaint to enforce a foreign judgment, our lawyers work aggressively to help you recover monies by taking aggressive legal actions and measures to secure payments of your foreign judgment. We may take measures like ex parte bank attachments, ex parte real estate attachments and reach and apply injunctions to recover debts on your domesticated foreign judgment. To learn more about domestication of foreign judgment and foreign judgment enforcement in Massachusetts and the tools we use to recover debts, click here.

  • Our Relentless Massachusetts Collection Attorneys Know How to Collect Foreign Judgments

The Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act is accepted and adopted by 46 states in the US. However, four states including Massachusetts have not accepted it for this reason you need to domesticate foreign judgment first so that it can be enforced locally in the State of Massachusetts. To successfully domesticate the judgment you must know and comply with the procedural rules.

The domestication process is complex and technical. So, it is important that you work with a seasoned attorney who understands the procedure of filing for domestication and follows the rule. And you can expect that from us. Our relentless Massachusetts collection attorney knows how to collect foreign judgments. We will obtain Massachusetts judgment by filing the suit on your final judgment. When the court issues us the Massachusetts judgment enforcing the foreign judgment, we then continue to move forward with judgment enforcement and work to take the most effective legal actions to ensure      debt collection. Click to see details….

  • Massachusetts Mechanics Lien Statute Requires Strict Compliance with Rigid Requirements

Likewise, if you are operating in the construction industry as a sub-contractor and the general contractor fails to pay the debt they owe to you for the services rendered or goods provided, then we can help. Our experienced and knowledgeable construction law attorney can provide you with complete information about your debt collection rights and assist you through the mechanics lien filing process.

Massachusetts Mechanics lien laws provide protection to suppliers as well as contractors seeking debt payments. These laws help protect contractors and suppliers against the non-payment risk. This means that when the debtor refuses you to pay, you can secure the debt payments by filing for a mechanics lien.

A mechanics lien serves like collateral. It covers the contractors and suppliers from losses. However, to take full advantage of this right, one must make sure that it is filed timely, correctly and in conformance with the law. For this it is vital to go to an experienced mechanics lien attorney like us. We can have a complete know how of how to draft, record and enforce mechanics lien. Click for more..

  • Our Experienced Massachusetts Collection Lawyers Not Only Know How to Enforce Mechanics Liens but To Use Other Debt Collection Techniques to Get You Paid

If you wait until last minute to record mechanics lien then you may lose your chance of getting paid. It is crucial to understand that mechanics lien comes with strict time limits. If you fail to exercise your mechanics lien rights within that timeframe, you will lose your mechanics lien rights   completely. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have to waive your debts and incur a loss. Our attorney can use other techniques to collect your debt. For details click here.

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Don’t give up on your bad debts or waste precious time with collection agencies. Call us at on (508) 620-6900 or email us at to discuss your case details. Let our seasoned and aggressive Massachusetts debt collection attorneys handle your case and help you to recover your monies through attachments, mechanics liens and judgment enforcement.

We will use the best tactics to enforce judgment on your behalf and get your paid. It’s the money that you have earned for the services and goods provided to the debtor. Remember our philosophy— “GET YOU PAID.”.

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