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Alan M. Cohen: A Name All Debtors Should Respect

Collecting on your bad debt isn’t always an easy process and can be dragged out if you are not taking the most aggressive and relentless methods when dealing with your debtor. This is something that Lawre Casler of Mass-Con Equipment, Inc. learned the hard way before turning to the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC for help with bad debt collection. What he discovered when partnering with us is that our post-judgment collections tactics are both ethical and aggressive enough to yield results that collections agencies can’t achieve.

Before coming to us, Mass-Con Equipment, Inc. spent two months resorting to phone calls and letters with his in-house team and then spent the same amount of time having a collections agency do the same thing while promising more effective results. If the tactics that Mass-Con Equipment, Inc. was using weren’t getting his debtor to respond, there’s no reason to believe that a collections agency would have convinced him to pay up. Enter the Law Offices of Alan M Cohen LLC. By obtaining an ex parte bank attachment against his debtor, we were able to effectively get the debtor’s attention, let them know we were serious, and put us in a position of strength while negotiating.

Because of aggressive and relentless tactics such as these, Alan M. Cohen is the last name that debtors ever want to hear. Our involvement often results in a speedy process ending in you collecting on your debts, while leaving such a strong impression that Mass-Con Equipment, Inc.’s customers who have dealt with us have wound up turning to us for THEIR bad debts!

Mass-Con Equipment, Inc.’s experience with the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can be explained in more detail through the following brief video:

When you turn to the Law Offices of Alan M Cohen LLC, you are getting more than 35 combined years of experience with the most aggressive, relentless, ethical, and effective collection methods. We handle post-judgment collections for cases within Massachusetts jurisdiction. Not present in the State of Massachusetts but your debtor is? We also can collect on your foreign judgment cases.

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