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An Experienced Bad Debt Collection Attorney Can Make All the Difference for Debt Collection

The main reason why you should hire a debt collection attorney in Massachusetts is because a licensed attorney does not require a license via the DOB for the collection of debts on behalf of their clients.  Attorneys who collect debt within the State of Massachusetts are subject to the Supreme Judicial Court’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

There are many other benefits of hiring an experienced bad debt collection attorney to get your payments in Massachusetts.

Enforcing a Judgment

So, you went to the court and you obtained a judgment against the individual or company who owed you monies. Now what? The enforcement of a money judgment can be one of the most difficult parts in a debt collection process. Therefore, you are going to want an experienced debt collection attorney who can offer you the right advice and will make sure that all efforts are made to help collect the money judgment on your behalf.

Simply, obtaining a judgment is not enough when it comes to bad debt collection. You are also going to need an experienced and aggressive bad debt collection attorney to see you through the process. If you need help to collect money that’s owed to you, then contact Alan M. Cohen right away at 508-620 6900.

Efficient and Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Hiring a bad debt collection attorney who has years of experience in the area of judgment collection and knows how the law works in Massachusetts will lead to innovative solutions that are efficient and doesn’t waste your time. An attorney with the know-how on debt collection will be able to undertake the collection action for you. Whether it’s out-of-state judgment, foreign judgment or Massachusetts judgment, an experienced attorney will look to seize all available assets to get you paid. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC’s philosophy is simple: GET YOU PAID. No calls. No letters. Just action. We seek wage attachments or garnishments, bank account attachments, reach and apply injunctions as well as property seizures to try to get you paid.

Locating the Debtor’s Assets

This is another crucial part of any debt collection. Discovering where the assets of the debtor is located can get you your judgment payment faster. A proactive debt collection attorney knows the importance of time and will not waste any of it. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen uses all available tactics, including the use of post judgment subpoenas to force the debtor to directly or indirectly produce evidence of its assets. This gives Attorney Alan M. Cohen a good idea of how to approach the task of getting you paid. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can then go a step further and force the debtor to testify under oath regarding his employment status, real estate property, bank accounts or any other assets. A court order can also be obtained if the debtor refuses to cooperate, which is a particularly effective way of persuading debtors to pay out their judgment payments.

To find out more about the different ways in which we help our clients with their foreign judgments and Massachusetts judgments in Massachusetts, please feel free to contact Law offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC. today at, or contact us at 508-620 6900. You can also email us at

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