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Bad Debt Communication Advice For Small Businesses

Over the 35 years our firm has been helping businesses with their commercial bad debt collection, we have learned several things that could help small businesses offering services or products on credit in all industries would find useful. Going through these cases, we advised our clients what steps they could take to attempt to make their debt collections more effective.

Proactive approach to Debt Collection

As a team of experienced and award-winning debt collection lawyers, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC  strive to maximize debt recovery. We leave no stone unturned to try to get our clients their money. So, our clients know they can always count on the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to try and recover their debts with lawful aggressive debt recovery strategies and actions without relenting or giving up.

This is where our suggestions for your business practices come in.

Aptly Communicating Debt Status to Debtors

In our experience, Massachusetts courts can be very sympathetic to creditors in cases of bad debts, especially if there is clear evidence the debtor was given a reasonable repayment period and repeated warnings, but they ignored the communication.

Therefore, you can take two simple steps before looking for litigation help:

Sending Notices

When a debt is owed, send your debtor a notice in writing. The can be done by email, fax, regular mail and/or  certified mail, return receipt requested.

Send a notice after every few weeks with increasing urgency without missing on any critical specifications of the debt. It would be wise to include reference to your previous notices in every new one you send.

Calling on the Phone

Once you have sent at least two notices and received no response from the debtor, try and get them on the phone. When you call, remember that you cannot harass them in any way, including by calling them too much.


When your debtor is not paying within terms and has either not responded or not given an acceptable reason for non-payment, it is time to call the award-winning experienced aggressive collections lawyers at the Law Office of Alan M. Cohen LLC. We do not make calls. We do not send out repetitive demand letters. We immediately bring suit on your behalf to try to get you paid.

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When it comes to commercial debt collection in Massachusetts, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC is known for giving clients aggressive debt collection assistance using every appropriate lawful means available. To get more information about how we can assist you in your efforts to collect your debt in Massachusetts call us at (508) 620 6900 or email

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