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Alan Cohen

Bank Attachment Helps Collect Debt

A customer owes big bucks, but when called for payment,  stalls, crawls or simply ignores the creditor. Classic signs of the dreaded disease of “deadbeatitis.” When the customer finally meets with the Creditor, it promises payment from the proceeds of a sale of real estate. Yet, when the Creditor asks for security, the customer goes silent.

The Creditor has a choice: Rely upon the promises of a customer that has yet to keep one, or take action. The Creditor chose action and retained us. We immediately sued and obtained an ex parte bank attachment and an attachment of personal property (bulk attachment). We requested and obtained a form of attachment that allowed the sheriff to make multiple attachments of the defendant’s bank account. The attachments caught over $68,000.00. Not surprisingly, the defendant  agreed to settle the matter. Within nine weeks our client received $106,000.00.

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