Massachusetts Collections Lawyer Collects Foreign Judgments

An Illinois company which lent monies to real estate developers obtained a judgment in Illinois against a Massachusetts debtor. Its counsel located  AV Rated Attorney Alan M. Cohen at this very website and called.

Massachusetts Collections Attorney Alan M. Cohen seeks to collect  foreign judgment in  Massachusetts where the out of state court had personal jurisdiction over the defendant and the defendant was properly served. The Illinois judgment met both criteria.

Once retained, Attorney Alan M. Cohen  immediately searched for assets.  The debtor seemingly only had a house in his name which he owned with his wife as tenants by the entirety. This meant that the house could not be sold by a creditor until either the couple divorced or the non-debtor spouse passed away. The debtor’s house had numerous mortgages which effectively rendered the property valueless.

While others may give up, Attorney Cohen  doesn’t.

He combed through the records at the Secretary of State’s office and located numerous business entities and shell companies in which the debtor was a participant. Attorney Alan M. Cohen immediately commenced suit and successfully sought a preliminary injunction against the debtor reaching and applying his interest in all of the entities in which debtor was a participant.

As a result of Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s diligence and relentlessness, the client  collected  over $200,000.00 on the foreign judgment.

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