A Mechanics Lien Can Make the Difference Between Getting Paid Or Getting Stiffed



A lumber supplier, with a significant delinquent receivable, consulted me. The supplier did not want to file suit for fear of losing its customer, but wanted to gain security. I suggested filing a Mechanics Lien.

The next day, I prepared the Notice of Contract and Statement of Account. The day that the supplier signed the lien, I immediately recorded both the Notice of Contract and Statement of Account.

Five days after recording the Mechanics Lien, I received a call from a closing attorney asking how much money my client required to have the lien removed from the debtor’s property.

Nine days after the lumber supplier contacted me–just nine days–I collected over $70,000.00 from the sale of a property that the delinquent customer had “accidentally” told my client would occur a month later.

Can you say KA-CHING?!! My clients do.

Although collection in nine days doesn’t always happen, I strive to immediately pursue your debtors to maximize collection. For an attorney experienced with dealing with Mechanic’s Lien, call Alan M. Cohen at 508-620-6900 or e-mail me at alanmcohen@collections-law.com.

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