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Boston Collections Attorney Freezes Out of State Assets

Boston Collections Attorney Alan M. Cohen Uses Prejudgment Relief to Freeze Out of State Assets

Debtors often ignore collection attempts when their assets are not in Massachusetts because they think they are safe. While other Massachusetts attorneys may shrug their shoulders, our approach enables the pursuit and often collection of out-of-state assets.

Using injunctions as prejudgment relief, we seize out of state assets. It is necessary of course that the court have personal jurisdiction over the debtor.

Whether your debtor has assets in or outside of Massachusetts, whether you are owed $4,000.00 or $40,000,000.00 you need Boston Collections Attorney Alan M. Cohen, an attorney with over 30 years of commercial debt collection experience, in your corner. Using prejudgment relief where appropriate means that when you win the case, there may be an asset from which you can get paid.

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