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Businesses Rely on Experienced Massachusetts Commercial Collection Attorneys

Whether you’re a small business owner or a start-up, it is wise to have an experienced debt recovery Massachusetts commercial collection attorney on your side that you can rely on in time of need. This is a smart decision for all the right reasons especially if you have flexible credit term policies, increasing account receivables and limited or no resources to dedicate for following up with debtors for debt collections.

Let’s take a look at why business owners rely on experienced commercial collection attorneys for their debt recovery in Massachusetts, and why you must have one by your side as well:

  • Help Recover Your Money Faster

Though a large enterprise may be able to survive for months or maybe years with increasing account receivables before it goes bankrupt, a small business or start-up just cannot.  This is predominantly because SME’s are always in the survival and growth stage—in a continuous quest to recover the money invested in the business. And failure to convert profits on paper (on credit) in the form of account receivables can have a ripple effect on the business and negatively impact your gross income, profit margins, budgeting and future investments, thereby putting your business at risk of bankruptcy.  To avoid bankruptcy, it’s best to rely on an experienced debt recovery commercial collection attorney who can help you get your money back.

With a sound understanding of the Massachusetts debt collection law and recovery tactics, an experienced commercial collection attorney can help your business recover monies from debtors using the best strategies, all while making sure that everything is in compliance with the law. 

  • Ensure Legal Representation in the Court

Instead of relying on debt collection agencies that do nothing but make promises, send letters and call debtors for payments, it’s best to work with experienced collection attorney and debt recovery attorney Alan M. Cohen.  A collection attorney has the legal power to represent your case in the court and file a suit against the debtor whereas a collection agency just can’t do that.

Simply put, hiring an experienced Massachusetts collection lawyer can ensure your business legal representation in the court of Massachusetts and you can sue the debtor to recover your payments.

  • Strong Negotiation Skills

With experienced debt recovery attorney Alan M. Cohen by your side, you can easily deal with different type of debtors to recover your money. Generally, business debtors can be divided into three categories:

  • Debtors who want to pay but can’t because their money is stuck with the third parties (their debtors);
  • Debtors who simply delay and juggle the payments; and 
  • Debtors who just don’t want to pay.

No matter what category of debtors you’re dealing with, it’s important to have an experienced commercial collection lawyer by your side. An experienced collection attorney has the knowledge, experience and negotiation skills to tactfully deal with such debtors. Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s negotiation skills come in handy when debt collections go into a settlement phase.

An experienced attorney will have the skills that are necessary to get you the best settlement to recover as much of your money as possible.

  • Enforce Judgment

Businesses also rely on seasoned attorneys as they can help them enforce civil judgment. It’s important to understand here that a civil judgment is not as cut and dry as you might assume them to be. By that we mean that let’s say your judgment is against a debtor who is located in another state or county. In such a situation you may not have the legal wherewithal to trace and chase your debtor if you don’t have quality assistance from an experienced commercial collection attorney like Attorney Alan M. Cohen.   

Alan M. Cohen has hands-on industry experience in enforcing judgment. At Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we can easily help you attempt to recover your money from your debtors even if we have to collect the money from your debtor’s debtor.

  • Ability to Handle All Kinds of Evasive Tactics Undertaken by the Debtor

Those debtors, who have no intention of paying back the money they owe to you, will try every gimmick and evasive tactic to avoid making payments such as hiding assets, evading service of process and avoiding proceedings. However, an experienced commercial collection attorney has the ability and know-how to deal with such debtors and handle these challenges skillfully and smartly.

In some situations, collection attorney Alan M. Cohen may use the power of ex parte (without notice) relief against the debtor while in other situations he may use reach and apply injunctions. And if you happen to operate in the construction industry, Attorney Alan M. Cohen may use mechanics lien to get your money back. 

Simply stated, business owners rely on the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC because they know that only a lawyer with a wealth of experience can help them deal with debtors who have no intention of making payments and who would rely on a number of tactics to delay the process and payment recovery.

  • Stay Within the Parameters of the Law

The law of the state of Massachusetts is complex, and strict. Proper handling of the client’s affairs while staying in conformance with the state rules of professionalism and ethics is important for the attorney and debt collection agency to avoid sanctions by the court. And that’s one of the many reasons why business owners tend to work with the experienced commercial collections attorney at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC rather than someone who is new to the legal industry.

A business collections attorney who is experienced can ensure that whatever actions they take for payment recovery are in compliance with the law of the state of Massachusetts.

How to Find the Right Experienced Massachusetts Commercial Collection Attorney?

As a start-up or small business owner, it may be difficult for you to handle and manage billing, and then pursue collections—especially when your customers fail to respond to invoices sent to them multiple times. In such a scenario, you can provide the debtors list to your attorney, and let the attorney take care of the collections while you focus on areas that matter most to your business.

This may sound simple and stress-free, but it’s only such if you are working with the right experienced Massachusetts commercial collection attorney. Finding the right experienced debt recovery attorney is extremely important, better yet crucial, because businesses need   a collection lawyer who is able to take necessary and quick legal actions against your debtors without wasting your time with letters and calls

. So, it’s really important that you hire an experienced debt recovery attorney who can select and implement debt collection strategies according to the situation you’re facing, while treating the debtor with respect and courtesy so that you stay on good terms with your customers in the long run.

To find such an attorney, you will have to do some legwork. Here is a list of questions that you should ask attorneys to find the right debt collection attorney:

  1. How Long Have You Been Practicing the Law?

First things first, learn about their industry experience. Find out how many years have they been practicing law in the state of Massachusetts. Find out what they specialize in. 

  1. What Type of Cases Do They Handle?

The attorney that you may be planning to hire may be experienced but that experience is only worth something to you if it is related to your problem area and industry. For example, if you’re in the construction industry and the attorney is experienced in divorce law, then they may not be the best choice for you. Find an attorney who understands your industry, its laws inside and out; and is experienced in handling cases pertaining to your industry in particular.

  1. How many cases have you dealt with and represented similar to mine?

Remember that you’re hiring a collection attorney to recovery your monies, so you need to be confident that the attorney that you have hired knows what they are doing. Therefore, don’t be shy to ask this question.

  1. What is Your Strategy?

If your debtors have zero intention of paying you back, then suing them is the best way to get your money back and putting some much-needed pressure on them. But as mentioned earlier, every situation is different, so the strategic approach is variable too.

Therefore, before you hire an attorney you need to learn what their strategy will be. Learn about their strategy beforehand; will they file a law suit, negotiate for settlement, attach assets or use injunctive relief. You need to know how they will work to get you paid.

In other words, the right and experienced collection attorney will evaluate your case first and then advise you on the best course of legal action. The right attorney will know the best and most effective strategies to obtain payments with minimal conflict, while treating the debtors with respect.

  1. What is Your Payment Procedure?

This question is equally important and you must ask it before you make your attorney selection. Many attorneys choose to work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they earn fees on the debt that is collected.

  1. What is the Likely outcome in my case?

Feel free to ask this question before you hire an attorney so that there are no unpleasant surprises. For example: if you’re late in enforcing a mechanics lien, is there any chance of you to recover your payment.  In such a situation you expect the lawyer to be honest with you and provide you with a clear answer so that you can implement business strategies accordingly.

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