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SUPERIOR COURT – An attorney’s commercial client racks up a $70,000.00 bill and then fails to pay any of the monies owed. After the three years statute of limitations had run on a potential malpractice claim, the attorney turned to me to collect the debt.

I immediately began diligently searching for assets, which included running the debtor’s and his wife’s name through the grantor and grantee indices at several registries of deeds. After locating property held in nominee realty trust, I knew that I had located a possible asset. I then filed suit and persuaded the court to allow me to attach the debtor’s real estate and bank account, which understandably upset the debtor. After politely listening to the debtor’s venting, I was able to negotiate a framework for a settlement. I strongly urged the debtor to obtain independent counsel to thwart the defendant from possibly wrongfully claiming undue influence or coercion.

Eventually, the debtor retained his own attorney. I then finalized a favorable negotiated settlement secured by a mortgage on real estate and by an agreement for judgment. I structured the settlement to incentivize the debtor to timely make payment by offering a slight reduction from the agreed upon judgment amount which then served as the sword of Damocles.

While other attorneys may have pressed their advantage against an unrepresented debtor, I repeatedly urge pro se defendants to retain independent counsel. Repeatedly informing the debtor to obtain independent counsel to review any agreement makes it significantly more difficult for the debtor to wiggle out of their obligations. This protects the judgment from collateral attack and brings finality to negotiations thereby helping to collect debt.

As an AV-rated attorney with over 31 years of experience, I know how to negotiate with debtors to obtain the most favorable resolutions possible. I also know how to fully litigate a matter when confronted with a recalcitrant debtor.

For an experienced aggressive top-rated commercial litigation attorney who not only knows how to win but more importantly how to collect your debts, contact Alan M. Cohen at 508 620-6900 or at

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