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Choose Who Other Attorneys Choose to Collect Their Commercial Debt

With over thirty years of experience, it is not surprising that other attorneys choose us to collect their commercial debt. Even without strong paperwork, we can collect commercial debt. One such instance of our collection of commercial debt is set forth below.

BOSTON SUPERIOR COURT…. A law firm properly and successfully performed legal services for an out of state client. Unfortunately, their client did not share the love and promptly stiffed the law firm claiming no ability to pay. After months of failed negotiations, the frustrated law firm retained me to collect their commercial debt.

I immediately filed suit and obtained an injunction preventing their debtor from transferring assets, wherever located. As a result of my experienced, aggressive and ethical tactics and negotiation skills, the debtor found the ability to pay a lump sum settlement of $45,000!!

Choose the Attorney that other attorneys choose to collect their bad debt.

Can you say – – – KA-CHING!!! My clients can.

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