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A Civil Judgment Creditor Needs an Experienced Collection Attorney to Make Debt Recovery Happen

If you happen to offer flexible credit terms to clients, then chances are that you (like many business owners) might be struggling with debt collection problems. Even after winning a civil judgment, many a judgment creditor still can’t recover their monies from debtors. Well, there are two reasons for that:

  1. Hiring a debt collection agency, and
  2. Falling for excuses made by a debtor who has no intentions of paying you back.

Let us explain:

Working with a debt collection agency is not viable perhaps because all they can do is send letters and make threatening phone calls to debtors demanding payments. They don’t have the legal capacity to file a lawsuit against a debtor or enforce judgment.

Likewise, if the debtor has no intention of paying your monies back, they’ll come up with the most bizarre excuses to prolong payment, in the hope that their account will be forgotten or waived as uncollectable. Excuses like the check is in the mail and will get to you soon; or that they can’t pay you now because their debtor hasn’t paid them yet are often delaying tactics.

In some cases, they might be true but not always. How you strategize and sift through the mountain of excuses and respond to them is what will help you recover your debt in a timely manner. And this is where a civil judgment creditor needs experienced collection attorneys to make debt recovery possible.


It’s said, experience is second to none, and we at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC couldn’t agree more. Experience truly counts in the law industry especially when it comes to dealing with difficult debtors who have no intentions of making payments. Hire our experienced collection attorney—Alan M. Cohen to ensure aggressive and relentless debt collection efforts.

Take a look to find out how our experienced debt collection lawyer can help you with debt recovery:

  • Proper Judgment Enforcement with Follow-up

Unlike a debt collection agency that can only make threatening phone calls, our debt recovery attorney will take action. We will enforce your judgment and actively pursue your debtor to try to force debt collection from the debtor. By leveraging on the wealth of experience, our attorney Alan M. Cohen will research your case in-depth, investigate about the debtor and accordingly use the right debt collection tools to work to recover your long due payments.

Our attorney doesn’t fall for excuses. Even if your debtor claims that their money is stuck in accounts receivable and they can’t pay now, our experienced collection attorney will use the lesser-known but result-driven technique like Reach and Apply Injunction to recover your monies. As this tool is not commonly used in Massachusetts, only an experienced attorney who understands the law and has worked on several cases would know about it and use it when needed. And that’s what you can expect from our experienced collection lawyer.  Reach and Apply injunctions are an effective and strategic way to collect money from the debtor whose money is supposedly stuck in account receivables.

By using this tool, our attorneys will sue a third party that owes your debtor money. It will cut your debtor from the loop, allowing our lawyer to deal with the third party directly and make them pay you the money first that they owe to your debtor. This technique helps you reach out to the third party directly instead and recover your payments.

It is important to hire experienced debt collection attorney Alan M. Cohen to enforce your civil judgment instead of doing it on your own or working with a debt collection agency because even if you have won the judgment, it’s important that you have someone by your side who can offer you strong legal representation and enforce it the right way.

Remember that a judgment is a mere piece of paper which can easily be ignored and rejected by the debtor. Besides this, a judgment comes with a time limit. This means that it can expire, thereby making it useless. So, you need to make sure that it is relentlessly and aggressively enforced within the period of its validity well before it expires and becomes useless.

  • Has a Sound Understanding of the Law

A civil judgment creditor also needs an experienced debt collection lawyer by their side because they have a sound understanding of the law. A novice attorney who is fairly new to the field may not have the skill-set or strong understanding of the industry that an experienced collection attorney does.

Though a novice attorney may have book knowledge, they may not have practical understanding and acumen which is crucial when it comes to collecting monies from debtors who ignore judgments or try to counter them with other tactics. In such situations sound and practical knowledge about the law is quite helpful which an experienced lawyer has like Alan M. Cohen.

For instance, where possible, our attorney will make sure that the debtor (defendant) gets charged with 18 percent interest rate on judgment Simply put, our attorney will use the power of the law to help collect your monies.

  • Noteworthy Correspondence

Another reason to hire an experienced debt collection lawyer is that a judgment creditor can be confident that there will be a noteworthy correspondence and follow-up between the attorney and the debtor. That’s right; letters from debt collection agencies usually end up in the trash can and that too unread. But if you have an experienced collections attorney representing your case, the debt recovery attorney will make sure that the debtor is continuously reminded that they have to pay your money back. 

So, if you want to recover your monies from debtors that won’t take judgments seriously then give us a call on (508) 620-6900 or email us at Give our experienced attorney, Alan M. Cohen the opportunity to represent you and work to recover your debt.

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