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Alan Cohen

Collect Commercial Debt with Personal Property Attachments

A food supplier gets stung by its customer with a $23,000.00 bill. Despite the supplier’s efforts, its debtor went ostrich. Fed up with the lack of responsiveness, the supplier called on me to collect the commercial debt.

I immediately filed suit and obtained an ex parte attachment of the debtor’s bank account and personal property by bulk attachment. A personal property attachment by bulk attachment allows the deputy sheriff to enter into a business, take an inventory of everything there, post a notice (often bright orange) on the front door that the inventory and equipment has been seized and record his/her return with the Secretary of State’s Office.
Although the bank account was empty, the personal property attachment pulled the debtor’s head out of the sand. As a result of my tactics, within ten days my client received the full amount of the outstanding principal balance plus interest.

Can you say KA-CHING!! My clients do.

While this doesn’t always happen, I take all necessary steps to attempt to negotiate a settlement most favorable to my client. Put my over thirty years of commercial debt litigation experience to work for you. Call me at (508) 620-6900 or email today.

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