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Alan Cohen

Collection Lawyer Successfully Uses A Bank Attachment To Collect Bad Debt

CAMBRIDGE —- A supplier’s customer fails to pay its bills and then stops talking to the supplier. Frustrated by the debtor’s ostrich approach, the supplier calls me.

After researching the debtor’s assets, I immediately filed suit and obtained an ex parte bank attachment. The bank attachment froze the entire amount due. Miraculously, the debtor found its phone and called me. Faced with my relentless pursuit of truth, justice and getting my clients paid, the debtor paid the full principal balance together with interest, costs and reasonable attorney fees –– all within thirty days of my filing suit.

My client recovered attorney’s fees because its credit application contained an attorney fees clause. The credit application that I prepare obligate my client’s customers, among other things to: (1) Pay interest, costs of collection and reasonable attorney fees; (2) waive their right to jury trial; (3) subordinate their homestead rights;(4) submit to the courts in which my client wants them to appear; and (5) provide my client with a security interest in their property.

Can you say KA-CHING? My clients can.

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