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Alan Cohen

Collections Attorney Collects $150,000.00

On the first day, my client, an international supplier of floral supplies, hired me to collect the principal sum of almost $160,000.00 from one of its customers. After researching the debtor’s assets, which included an online search of the registry of deeds, I located property owned by the debtor.

On the seventh day, I sent the complaint affidavit, verified affidavit, and ex parte motions for approval of attachment on the debtor’s real estate, bank accounts, and personal property to my client for their review and signature. On the twelfth day, my client signed his affidavits and on the very next day, I filed suit in Superior Court.

Although the judge chose not to allow the attachment motions without notice to the debtor, he did schedule a fast hearing on my motions. Six days later, the court allowed all of my attachment motions and issued a preliminary injunction preventing the debtor from transferring any money or property up to $185,000.00, unless I was paid that sum to hold in escrow.

On the twenty-second day, as a result of my prompt and aggressive collection tactics and skillful negotiations, the defendant, who was in financial trouble, found $150,000.00 to pay my client.

Less than one month after hiring me, my client received $150,000.00 that it would not have received otherwise. While there are no guarantees in life, hiring an aggressive commercial and business debt collections attorney with over 30 years of experience, often makes the difference between a success story and a write-off.

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