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Commercial Debt Collection for Out-of-State Creditors

Are you a creditor located outside Massachusetts with a debtor doing business in Massachusetts? Does this debtor refuse to pay your invoices even after repeated payment requests? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a brief overview of tactics a skilled and experienced attorney uses in order to collect money on behalf of an out-of-state creditor.

Domesticating Foreign Judgments

The United States Constitution requires states to honor judgments of other states as decided by their courts. However, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this is not an automatic process and therefore, foreign judgment creditors must first domesticate their judgments so they may be enforced in Massachusetts. Many debt collection attorneys are unfamiliar with this process, making it extremely critical to hire a debt collection attorney who is experienced in domesticating foreign judgments.

Obtaining a Massachusetts Judgment

A skilled and experienced attorney knows how to enforce a foreign state court judgment in Massachusetts. Upon hiring, your attorney should immediately investigate the debtor’s and any guarantor’s assets. Once that information is in hand, the attorney may prepare prejudgment documents and seek ex parte attachments to attempt to seize the debtor’s bank accounts, real estate, and other assets. Once the attachments are obtained, the sheriff is then able to serve the bank and record real estate attachments, which may provide pre-judgment security in order to collect payment.

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