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Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions: Steps to Getting Paid (the Alan M. Cohen way)

There are attorneys who dabble in bad debt collection, and then there are attorneys who AGGRESSIVELY collect bad debt. If you’re in a situation where your client or customer refuses to pay and it’s putting a hurting on the balance sheet, which type of attorney would you prefer? Since we’re assuming you’d go with the latter, here is how an aggressive collection debt attorney works and the steps involved in getting you paid…

*Please note, an aggressive debt collection attorney WILL NOT WASTE TIME SENDING LETTERS TO DEBTORS! This only gives the debtor additional time to hide assets and build a defense against potential litigation.

Step 1: Upon hiring counsel, the first step is to investigate the debtor’s situation and get a good assessment of his, her or its assets, i.e. real estate, other business interests, financial accounts, etc.

Step 2: Once the debtor’s assets have been located, the next step is to prepare prejudgment motions seeking prejudgment security. This is what help you to get paid when you win the case, and typically involves the attorney appearing in court before a judge where they seek ex parte attachments as well as attachments with notice.

Step 3: When all things are in motion (complaint, affidavit, and ex parte motion), all efforts moving forward are to persuade the court to grant you the desired prejudgment security and to fight to seize and freeze the debtor’s bank accounts, real estate and other assets. This ensures a potential fruitful bounty when the case is won.

Step 4: After the Court allows the attachment motions, the next step is to send the attachments to a  sheriff. The sheriff will first serve the bank and then record the real estate attachment in order to seize assets and obtain prejudgment security. This is typically the first time the debtor becomes aware of the involvement of an experienced debt collection attorney.

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