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Deadbeat Buster News Flash — Our Aggressive Approach Helps Collect Monies


BOSTON…. A meat wholesaler’s customer came down with an acute case of deadbeatitus. Recognizing the first symptoms of this dreaded disease — unfulfilled promises of payment and unanswered telephone calls–the meat wholesaler called me.

Without delay I treated the deadbeat patient to a law suit and obtained an ex parte bank attachment for prejudgment security. The attachment froze almost $15,000.00 of the customer’s cash.

Due to my aggressive commercial debt collection techniques, the customer agreed to pay the entire principal, costs, interest and all but $1,000.00 of attorney’s fees. KA-CHING!

FRAMINGHAM…. A gravel supplier’s out-of-state customer no longer responds to its bills, in effect telling the supplier to “go pound sand”. The gravel supplier called me.

Using creative collection techniques to prevent the out-of-state customer from disbursing its assets, my client recovered its principal, interest and costs.* KA-CHING!

BOSTON…. A food wholesaler’s customer no longer returns telephone calls and is now sixty days past due. Rather than letting the receivable eat away at its bottom line, my client called me.

I immediately filed suit and obtained an ex parte bank attachment. Suddenly after freezing $25,000.00 in the bank, the customer found its telephone. KA-CHING!

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