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Deadbeat Buster Newsflash — Tough Negotiating Skills High Six Figure Settlement

WOBURN….   A bank’s debtor had a substantial deficiency post foreclosure. The bank could have left the file with its foreclosure counsel but decided to follow its corporate counsel’s recommendation and hired an aggressive debt collection attorney: Me. I immediately conducted asset searches looking for companies in which the debtor had an interest.  I then prepared a detailed complaint along with motions for bank attachments, real estate attachments and an expansive reach and apply injunction. I also prepared a full discovery package – – interrogatories, document requests and admission requests to be served on the debtor with the complaint and summons.  I sued the bank’s delinquent customer. Over debtor’s counsel’s vigorous objections, I persuaded the court to issue far reaching attachments and an injunction. I then withstood  the multiple reach and apply defendants’ attempts to dismiss the case.  After brushing off these attempts to sideline my collection tactics, I then successfully negotiated a high six figure settlement agreement which incentivized the debtor to pay the debt earlier than later.

Can you say: KA-CHING,  KA-CHING, KA-CHING?!!!
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