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Delays Do Not Stop Debt Collection

A design/build firm entered into a contract to prepare architectural drawings its customer’s office addition. Two-thirds of the way into the design purchase of the project, the customer underwent a change of management. The new management canceled the project. With over $30,000.00 in delinquent bills, the design/build firm contacted us.

I immediately reviewed the file and determined that despite its poorly drafted contract, the design/build firm had a case. Still, the design/build firm waited. One month went by without any further response to us from the design/build firm. After sending at least two reminders to the design/build firm, we gave notice that we intended to close our file absent a signed fee agreement.

About three to four months after initial contact, the design/build firm finally signed our fee agreement. We immediately prepared a complaint and sought and obtained an ex parte bank and real estate attachment in the amount of $35,000.00. The bank attachment caught the full amount of the funds.

After we served the debtor, we received contact from the debtor. After offering a nuisance sum and claiming financial hardship, we pointed out that our bank attachment had caught the full amount due. Over the next four weeks, the debtor took baby steps and then finally agreed to pay $30,000.00 by bank check. Thirty thousand dollars on an account that the design/build firm hesitated to place for collection.

Despite the client’s delay in pursuing its debtor, we were able to collect the full amount of the debt using our experience collecting bad debt.

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