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Alan Cohen

Does Your Debt Collection Attorney Work for You?

A debt collection attorney has to have the skills and the dedication to collect funds owed to clients when other simple methods like phone calls and letters have failed. If your attorney is not advocating ceaselessly, he or she is not working for you, and not earning those legal fees you are paying.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we earn our fees by working tirelessly to collect the money owed to our clients. We work on a contingent, hourly or hybrid fee arrangement.

Alan M. Cohen and his law office have been collecting debts for over three decades. We are well known and appreciated for our aggressive, relentless, yet ethical debt collection in Massachusetts.

Our methods span every avenue of effective debt collection, taking the necessary legal steps to address delinquent accounts. From preparing contracts to pursuing delinquent debtors to collecting after obtaining a judgment against a debtor, our team can help you all stages of your struggle.

We immediately file suit and seek pre-judgment security, often without notice to the debtors.. They do not have time to hide funds. We use, when appropriate, ex parte attachments and reach and apply injunctions to help get you paid.

Our clients keep coming back to us because we don’t mess around.

When you hire us as debt collection attorney, you will be secure in the fact that we are working hard for you to get you paid. We are not a mill. Each case receives individual attention.

If you have debtors that are refusing to pay you, don’t accept this. Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to get you the money you are owed.

Our team will turn over every rock to find your debtors’ assets, even after obtaining a judgment for you. There are many ways to get owed funds from a debtor, and we use all the ethical ones that work. Other attorneys refer cases to us because we are relentless.

Before, during, or after a debtor issue, come to us for assistance. You will be glad that you are working with one of the best debt collection attorneys in Massachusetts.

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