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Domesticate Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts: Aggressive Experienced Bad Debt Collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen Chases Deadbeats

Lenders and creditors often times find themselves in a quagmire when it comes to the collection of undue account receivables, especially when it has to do with customers who are not willing to pay back what they owe.  In the State of Massachusetts, there are certain laws that have been put in place to assist creditors to collect their delinquent debt from the debtor. The following is the process of how you can get your foreign judgment domesticated in Massachusetts so that you can get your judgment payment from your debtor. It is without a doubt, that if a creditor wants to increase their chances of getting their judgment payment paid on time, they are going to need an experienced debt collection attorney in the state of Massachusetts with over thirty years of experience working for businesses to help them collect their money. This is where the expertise and experience of the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC come in. Hiring an experienced debt collection attorney can significantly increase your chances of getting your delinquent debt paid. But first…

What is a Foreign Judgment?

A foreign judgment that’s granted to a creditor acts as a recognition of an undue payment of services rendered under another jurisdiction. For a foreign judgment to be “recognized” means that it is equal to any judgment that has been issued by a US court. Any foreign judgment, as in, a judgment which was granted outside of Massachusetts’ jurisdiction, cannot be enforced before it is first domesticated, or recognized by the Massachusetts court. While a foreign judgment may be recognized based on a mutual agreement between two states or countries, not all states in the US have signed such multilateral treaties or enacted laws, and Massachusetts is one of them. If you have managed to obtain a foreign judgment in another State or country against a debtor whose assets are located in Massachusetts, you might be worried about your chances of taking legal action against your debtor. Luckily, there is an easy solution that can increase your chances of getting your delinquent debt paid. When it comes to law, a foreign judgment that was granted in another country or another state against a debtor who resides in Massachusetts needs to first be domesticated first in order for the creditor to get paid.

While domesticating a foreign judgment is only going to get you halfway towards making an actual judgment debt collection from your debtor, it is nonetheless, an extremely important and necessary part of the process, and one that will ultimately decide whether you get paid on your overdue accounts receivables or not. This is why creditors need the support of an experienced debt collection attorney to guide them through each step of the process.

The Importance of Hiring Alan M. Cohen LLC

While the laws and procedures vary from state to state, there is a general procedure on how a creditor can domesticate a foreign judgment. And it would require the experience and skill of a debt collection attorney such as the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to help ensure that your foreign judgment is domesticated so that it can be enforced. It is critical that a creditor or lender follow the strict rules and regulations that have been put in place in Massachusetts if they ever wish to get their overdue payments paid by the debtor. And the only way you can do that is by hiring an experienced debt collection attorney who has years of experience in doing what he does best. Getting creditors back their money.

Hiring an experienced debt collection attorney is crucial for the collection of any debt, and especially while you are moving towards domesticating a foreign judgment in Massachusetts, because all too often, creditors make the mistake of going the DIY route, which only ends in disaster, as in, you lose the money you are owed by the debtor because you made a mistake while following the rules and regulations. Needless to say, this would not be the case if you had an experienced debt collection attorney by your side guiding you every step of the way, from the domestication of your foreign judgment to the enforcement and finally, the collection of a judgment payment from the debtor.

As dedicated debt collection attorneys who specialize in foreign judgment domestication, and judgment enforcement in Massachusetts, and having overseen countless judgment proceedings, we are in the best position to get you back your judgment payments. By taking an aggressive stance against your debtor, we can significantly increase your chances of getting a judgment payment in Massachusetts.

The Domestication Procedure

First, you are going to need to hire an attorney whose practice focuses on judgment domestication and debt collection. Once you’ve hired us, we will take it over from here. We will waste no time to move forward with the procedure for judgment domestication in Massachusetts. As your counsel, we will file suit to domesticate and enforce your foreign judgment.

In the state of Massachusetts, all foreign judgment creditors need to have their judgments domesticated first before they can be enforced. This process may sound complicated at first but having an experienced attorney who focuses on domesticating and enforcing foreign judgments in Massachusetts will make sure the process moves forward smoothly. We use effective strategies along with quick investigative tactics that are within the requirements of the law to help determine what will work best for your specific case, and the right attachments to seek in order to seize the debtor’s assets such as real estate or bank accounts that they might have in Massachusetts and use those assets to get back your money.

If you are looking to get a judgment payment in Massachusetts, then you will have to get that judgment domesticated first. In which case, there’s no need to worry, just contact the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC today at (508) 620-6900 or email us at

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