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Don’t Get Lulled by the Deadbeat Shuffle—Hire an Experienced Creditor’s Rights Attorney

Whether you’re a company, creditor, small business or any other form of business entity, you are likely to face the problem of late paying and even non-paying customers.  And because of this, you can have soaring account receivables and debilitating liquidity issues. Seeking payment from debtors is frustrating, and needless to say, a time-consuming task, especially if the debtor has no intention of paying for goods and services provided by you.

In such a situation, there are three options at your disposal. Either, you get lulled by the deadbeat shuffle and watch your business fail because debt collection unfortunately is often the main failing point of an unsuccessful business; or you hire a debt collection agency and calling debtors to pay back; or hire an experienced creditor’s right attorney for debt collection matters and take legal action.

Here’s a quick overview of how the latter option can benefit your business:

  • Provides You Legal Representation

Instead of dealing with debt collection matters on your own or hiring a collection agency, it’s best to work with an experienced creditor’s rights attorney in Massachusetts as only a creditor’s right attorney can provide you with comprehensive legal representation on such issues.

A collection agency will only make calls and sends demand letters but can’t take legal action if the debtor refuses to make payment. Such agencies have no capacity to represent your case in the court or file a lawsuit. But if you hire an experienced creditor’s right attorney, you don’t have to wait for calls to get answered or letters to be received.

An attorney can resolve your case faster by filing a suit and getting you to the front of the collections line as quickly as possible.

  • Helps Resolve Your Case Systematically

An experienced creditor’s rights attorney has the knowledge, experience and understanding on how to analyze the law and utilize the legal system in a client’s favor, thereby smoothly and systematically resolving business debt issues.

This means that you can focus on other important matters while your creditor’s right attorney takes care of debt collection matters on your behalf.

  • Avoids Confrontation

Debtors don’t want to be a part of commercial litigation predominantly because it is time consuming and expensive. Therefore, the mere thought of going to the court can pressurize them into making the due payments to you.

And you know what that means? All that you may need to motivate your debtors to pay the money that they owe is professional action taken by a Massachusetts creditor’s attorney. An experienced creditor rights attorney can act as a go-between with the other party, helping avoid confrontations between the creditor and debtor and resolving the issue peacefully.

As a creditor rights attorney doesn’t rely on threatening calls, and treats debtors with respect, a level of respect can be maintained among the two and both sides can engage in business dealings in the future, if they want to. 

So, if you’re looking for a professional and experienced creditor’s right attorney in Massachusetts, get in touch with us today. We are a MA trained debt collection legal team—peer reviewed with the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell. We can provide you with aggressive legal representation with persistence. Although we are aggressive, we make sure that your debtors are treated with utmost respect so that you remain on good terms with them, regardless.

Call us today at 508 620-6900 or email if you want our aggressive debt collecting team on your side.

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