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Don’t Rely on Collection Lawyers That Dabble in Commercial Debt Collection (Hire a Collection Law Firm That Focuses on Commercial Debt Collection)

Some attorneys collect on all kinds of debt, whether it is personal or commercial. If you are dealing with commercial debt collection, however, it pays to hire a collection law firm that has a full focus on commercial debt collection.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen LLC has over three decades of experience in business debt collection services, honing his aggressive, relentless, effective, and ethical approach to help countless businesses collect debts.

Commercial debt collection requires a high degree of accuracy and finesse. There is often a lot of money on the line, and the entire financial security of a company may be at risk. Attorney Cohen takes this very seriously. He will use any and every legal collection tactic available.

When an attorney who merely dabbles in commercial collection handles your case, he or she can inadvertently alert the debtor that you are in pursuit of assets. This gives the debtor a chance to transfer, spend, or hide their assets and funds in some way, so that when you win your suit, there is nothing to find.

Instead of sending persuasive letters and hoping for the best, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC  immediately commences an investigation into the debtor and its assets and then files suit to seize those assets as prejudgment security using legal moves including ex-parte attachments and filing for injunctive relief.

Using a law firm that focuses in commercial debt collection also means that you can benefit from other services relating to your business’s financial security and plans. For example, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will advise you on protective measures you can take to secure your financial interests to avoid bad debt in the future. Whether you need assistance with creating or reviewing a contract or require a credit application review, our skilled and experienced firm is here to help. We want to see our clients succeed.

You can rely on our experience and our dedication to commercial debt collection. When you choose a highly incentivized law firm to handle your commercial debt collection, you will see why even other attorneys choose the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to collect on debt.

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