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Don’t Write Off Your Bad Debts. Send them to an Aggressive Collections Attorney and not a Passive Collection Agency

Are you tired of sending letters and emails, and making phone calls to your debtor for debt payments? Does your debtor fails to respond to your letters, ignores your calls or makes excuses to gain more time? Are you considering writing off bad debts or hiring a debt collection agency for payment recovery because nothing seems to work?

Then wait!

Instead of writing off your bad debts and bearing the loss or going to a debt collection agency and wasting more time on debt recovery, contact our experienced Massachusetts collection attorney, Alan M. Cohen.  Here’s why….

Our Philosophy is to Get You Paid

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, our philosophy is to ‘Get You Paid’. By using our more than three decades of legal experience, knowledge of the statutes of Massachusetts and skills to your advantage, our attorneys will pursue your claim aggressively to turn bad debts into debt recovery efficiently and effectively.

We’ll review and evaluate your case thoroughly to determine the best course of action and legal tools to use in order to recover your money from delinquent debtors. Our aim is to get you paid as fast as possible and we’ll fight your case till the end until you receive your long over due payments or no one else can recover your monies. And that’s what we are best known for in the industry.

Our Attorneys Go Directly to Court to Attempt to collect bad debt; Collection Agencies Cannot

Come to us for debt recovery because with us you can expect to get top rated aggressive debt collection attorneys. You can’t get that from collection agencies. That is because we work relentlessly and aggressively on debt recovery cases. For us every case is important and a priority.

If you choose to work with a passive collection agency you may get no results even after months. Wondering why? Well, because the collection agency will take the same initiatives as you did before you hired them—sending demand letters and making calls. And when the debtor has no intentions of paying, these tactics usually never work and tend to waste your time and perhaps money on a collection agency which can only do what you already did.  As collection agencies cannot go to court and are thus passive in action and have the same approach for all cases, they are likely to give your case a back seat if the debtor fails to immediate respond to their actions. But we don’t do this!

That’s right; we fight for your rights aggressively. Our seasoned debt collection lawyers will go directly to the court to attempt to collect bad debts on your behalf. We’ll file a lawsuit against the debtor which a debt collection agency can’t and get you to the front of the collections line as quickly as possible.

Unlike Collection Agencies we are in it For the Long Haul and Don’t Just Pick Off Low Hanging Fruit.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we are in it for the long haul. We never quit or give up. Instead, we work relentlessly to get clients paid. From pre-judgment security to post-judgment attachment tactics to the lesser-known yet effective techniques, we use a strategic combination of the best legal actions to pursue your case to maximize the possibility of debt recovery. We take challenges as opportunities, and therefore, no matter how stubborn your debtor may be and what excuses they come up with, our attorney Alan M. Cohen will give his all to try to make sure that bad debts are collected no matter what and you get paid even if we have to collect monies from your debtor’s debtor through reach and apply defendants.

For more information or legal representation, call us at Call us at (508) 620-6900 or email us at Don’t write off your bad debts or use passive collection agencies to try to collect your bad debt. Let us handle your case and we’ll work aggressively to try to recover your debt payments and get your bank account rolling with money.

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