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Don’t Write Off Your Bad Debts: Send Them to an Aggressive Collections Attorney and Not a Passive Collection Agency

Have you lost all hope of recovering a debt that is long overdue? You’ve tried everything in your power but the debtor doesn’t respond or keeps making excuses to buy more time? You’ve already tried hiring an agency and they say there is nothing more that they can do? You might be preparing to write off these dues at bad debts but there is still light at the end of the tunnel for you. The collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC work relentlessly to make sure you recover a bad debt effectively.

Our Attorneys Take Real Action to collect bad debt; Collection Agencies Make the Same Calls and Send the Same Letters That You Do

Collection agencies are just passive organizations that make the same effort as you might have been doing before you brought them on board. They send letters and demand calls which are usually worth nothing but a waste of your time and resources. At the end of the day, a collection agency will tell you that there is nothing more that they can do to help you. A debtor who is not willing to pay has to be pursued much more aggressively and our diligent collection attorneys have the skills and knowledge to make this happen.

We sit with you and dissect your case from start to where it is now. We analyze all the available options and set out the most efficient course of action for you. We analyze real actions that can be taken on ground and that go beyond simple calls and letters which can be easily ignored. With decades of experience, the necessary skills and knowledge along with several successful cases fall under our belt. We take strong legal actions that translate into timely payments for you. We stay true to our motive and that is to ‘Get you paid’.

Our Philosophy is To Get You Paid; Unlike Collection Agencies, We Never Give Up. We Tenaciously Pursue Your Debtors.

The collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC make sure that we use a strategic combination of legal tools and techniques ranging from pre-judgment attachments to post-case attachments to pave the way for securing payments.

Collection agencies have certain legal limitations. They can’t take your case to the court and more often than not are not even aware of all the options that lie within the remits of the law. It is a completely different case with our collection attorneys. We know what it takes to recover a bad debt that is on the brink of being written off. We put in all the necessary effort to relentlessly pursue your debtors until they agree to make the payments that they are trying to evade vehemently.

Alan M. Cohen is one of the leading collection and debt recovery attorneys in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In order to learn more about our services or to have your case evaluated, write to us at or call us (508) 620-6900. Our attorneys make sure that whatever it takes, our clients walk away with the money that was owed to them for a long time or no one can collect the monies.

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