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Effective Debt Collection in Massachusetts

There are debt collection attorneys, and then there are EFFECTIVE debt collection attorneys. Trust us, there’s a big difference between the two. So how do you find out who is in the “effective” category? See below…

An Effective Debt Collection Attorney will….

Immediately File a Lawsuit: Many attorneys waste valuable time sending letters or making phone calls to the debtor. Not only does this approach rarely work, it also gives the debtor extra time to move or hide money (which they are more likely to do once they know the creditor has hired legal counsel). Instead, an effective attorney will immediately file a lawsuit to pursue pre-judgment attachment of the debtor’s bank accounts, assets and other sources of income.

Follow Through After a Judgment has been Obtained: An effective debt collection attorney knows the battle has just begun even after a judgment has been obtained, and will use aggressive tactics to get their client paid. This may include Injunctive Relief, Sheriff Sales, Receivership, Ex-Parte Attachments, Post-Judgment Actions, Supplementary Process, and Rule 69 Depositions.

Domesticate Foreign Judgments: Many attorneys in Massachusetts do not specialize in debt collection, and therefore do not employ or are unaware of the most effective tactics. This is especially true when it comes to out-of-state creditors. By domesticating foreign judgments, this gives the creditor the ability to collect money from a debtor as if they were located in the same state.

Take Pro-Active Steps to Secure Your Finances: An experienced attorney will offer services that stop debt collection issues before they start. These may include reviewing credit applications, notices of contract, and other commercial contracts. Not only does this protect a creditor’s money, it also provides the necessary information needed should a client turn into a deadbeat.

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