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Effective Methods of Post-Judgment Litigation

At The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we fight to get your business paid on your judgment debt as well as for  the services and materials you have provided for which debtors have failed to pay in a timely manner. Using our aggressive and relentless collection tactics, we can use attachments and injunctions to freeze your delinquent debtor’s assets and speed up repayment. Our debt collection services can help collect judgment debt for business owners throughout Massachusetts including, but not limited to, Hampden County. Our experienced, knowledgeable, ethical and relentless judgment collections attorneys use all legally available tools to try to successfully collect judgment debt.

Ex Parte Bank Attachments

Putting an attachment on your debtor’s bank account and freezing it is effective in that it immediately affects your debtor and provide you with pre-judgment security or post judgment payment. Your debtor may use multiple bank accounts, so it is useful for you to keep copies of all checks received. If that is impractical, it is no issue because your bank keeps copies of all of your deposits for many years. This method that we use at The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will not automatically entitle you to the money caught in your debtor’s bank accounts but will reserve those monies for you when you win your case so that you can get paid.

Wage Garnishments

In some cases, involving individual defendants, we may also seek wage garnishments as a way to make sure that you are receiving a continuous payment stream. Unlike other attachments, this method absolutely requires giving notice to your debtor. In some cases, they may cooperate, but when they do not, we proceed to attempt to persuade the Massachusetts Courts to allow the garnishments to occur.

Personal Property Attachments

Placing a lien on your debtor’s personal property, such as inventory, makes it difficult for them to engage in any transactions, other than the ordinary course of business. In some instances, it warrants having the deputy sheriff remove non-exempt personal property from the debtor’s place of business to ensure its safe keeping so that it can be sold to enforce the judgment. Sometimes we simply send the sheriff in to seize and sell non-exempt assets. 

Reach and Apply Injunctions

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC uses a variety of post-judgment collection methods, including reach-and-apply injunctions. This tool can be extremely effective. Reach and apply injunctions order third parties who owe monies to your debtor to directly pay you instead of the debtor. In football parlance, it is a legal interception which we seek to run into the endzone of post judgment payment.

The knowledgeable debt collections attorneys at The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC fight their hardest to help their clients receive their monies within a reasonable timeframe. Our aggressive and relentless post-judgment collection methods have helped our clients collect from their delinquent debtors under Massachusetts jurisdiction. This brief video explains how we used post-judgment litigation tactics to help one of our many satisfied clients with an unpaid judgment debt.

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can help you with your post judgment collection efforts and will fight for you until they either get you paid, or no one can get you paid. Contact us today for post judgment collections by emailing us at or by calling us at 508 620-6900.

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