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Enforcement of Liens

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has made mechanic’s liens available as a form of remedy for creditors involved with construction projects. To be successful in getting creditors the money they are owed, however, these liens have to be filed properly and enforced properly.

What is a Mechanic’s Lien?

These liens are used as security for payment for labor and/or materials on a private construction project. The lien encumbers the property where the construction took place. Many people who are involved in the project can file the lien, including the general contractor, subcontractors, suppliers and laborers.

Initiating a mechanic’s lien involves recording appropriate documents with the Registry of Deeds and then timely filing a lawsuit.

Enforcing a Lien

To enforce a mechanic’s lien, certain conditions have to be satisfied correctly.

The claimant of the lien has to initiate the enforcement of the lien within 90 days of recording a Statement of Account. The claimant also has to record an attested copy of the Complaint for Enforcement of Lien in the Registry of Deeds within 30 days of the commencement of action.

Failing to do these things within  the required time will render the lien unenforceable, leaving creditors back where they started — owed money, and facing the challenge of getting a debtor to pay.

How an Attorney Can Help

An experienced attorney can advise clients on which properties are available to lien, then prepare and record the liens in accordance with the law. A Massacchusetts collections lawyer can also aid in ensuring conditions are met to enforce the lien.

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC is experienced in enforcing mechanic’s liens. Attorney Alan M. Cohen and his associate understand the importance of timeliness and speed in these matters, and have  knowledge of the legal complexities involved. By hiring Attorney Alan M. Cohen, you stand a much better chance at success, rather than having your lien dissolved due to a missed step or forgotten deadline. A mechanic’s lien is not a simple thing, and so it is important to have all the legal assistance you can.

Mechanic’s liens are an important tool in collecting money when it comes to construction projects, but they require legal finesse. You can rely on Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s hard work and knowledge of the law to file and enforce your mechanic’s lien.

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