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Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts: Why Experienced Collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen Should Be on Your Team

In the United States, every judgment from another country or from another state within the US is considered to be a foreign judgment. It should be noted that this type of judgment cannot be enforced directly without the prior approval of the court by “recognizing” the judgment as a domestic one first. Since the state of Massachusetts has not enacted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act, getting judgment enforcement in Massachusetts becomes more complicated than in other states within the US. But, that doesn’t mean a creditor cannot get their judgment payments. The following will provide you with some crucial information for enforcing foreign judgment and why you need the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC by your side.

Domesticating a Foreign Judgment

The first thing that needs to be done by a creditor who wants a judgment payment is to domesticate the foreign judgment since Massachusetts does not follow the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act. As a creditor, you will need an experienced attorney who focuses on both domestication of judgments, enforcing judgments and debt collection in Massachusetts, who will file a suit on your behalf. We will seek, where appropriate, an ‘Ex Parte’ attachment before the Massachusetts action becomes a judgment. This will increase your chances of getting paid.

Foreign Judgment Enforcement

Once a judgment has been domesticated, the creditor has the same rights as any other Massachusetts judgment holder. Rather than sending letter, which can be ignored, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will gather information on the various assets of the judgment debtor and seek to freeze them as pre-Massachusetts judgment security. Thanks to experience gained from years in the field of judgment collections in Massachusetts, our experienced attorneys use aggressive tactics that are within the boundaries of the law to increase the creditor’s chances of getting paid, and so that the debtor does not escape the judgment against them. By hiring an experienced debt collection attorney, you can rest assured that the appropriate pre and post judgment attachments will be made to attempt to attach the assets of the debtor. This will include any bank accounts of your debtor, assets or real estate.

Wage Garnishments

While hiring an experienced debt collection attorney for the collection of delinquent debts in Massachusetts will freeze any assets or real estate of the debtor, there’s also another way in which hiring the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will be beneficial for the creditor. More often than not, a debtor will try to hide any wages they are receiving so that they do not have to pay off their delinquent debt. An experienced attorney who focuses in debt collection will seek out any evidence of the debtor’s employment and will see post judgment to garnish wages which can be used to force the debtor to repay its debt. We move in from all angles, trying to make sure your debtor has no place to hide.

If you need to enforce a foreign judgment in Massachusetts or a Massachusetts judgment please contact the Law offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, today at, or contact us at 508-620-6900. You can also email us at

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