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The Ins and Outs of Enforcing Judgments

Some attorneys believe that once you have won a judgment, game over.

Not us.

When you have a deadbeat, a judgment is just the beginning. A judgment is just a court order that says the debtor owes you money and how much is owed. It is not usually a court order directing the debtor to make payment. Receiving judgments is when enforcing judgments begins.

And getting paid on a judgment is what many attorneys find challenging.

Not us. It is what we do.

How Long are Judgments Enforceable?

Judgments in Massachusetts are valid for 20 years and can be renewed by motion for additional time periods. In Massachusetts, unless you have a contractual interest provision in your contract papers, state law provides for statutory simple interest in the amount of 12% per annum which starts at the earlier of the date of demand or the filing of the suit.

Steps to Enforcing Judgments

Getting a judgment is the first step, Collecting it is the hard part.  It is best to be aggressive when pursuing the collection of a judgment.  Usually, sending threatening letters or monthly notices at this point does not work. Why should it?  You already tried those methods and ended up having to go to court to get a judgment.

Hire us and we will vigorously pursue the collection of your judgment.  Our tactics are relentless, effective, and ethical.  In short, we don’t give up.

Initially, we may do post-judgment discovery to learn where your deadbeat hides its assets. We may also, commence wage garnishment (attachment) motions or complaints or supplementary process. If we learn that your debtor has monies coming to it, we may seek to reach and apply those funds to try to pay the judgment.

The one thing we do not do is give up. We don’t stop until we have determined that no collectible assets exist. In that case, we may suggest delaying further collection action for a year to see if the deadbeat’s ship has come in. 

We will work aggressively, effectively and tirelessly to try to collect your debt and has years of experience successfully doing so for businesses just like yours.  Let us help you.  Call us today.

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