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Ex Parte Bank Attachment = 70K

One of your biggest customers is going to stick you with a $70,000.00 debt and starts buying from your competitor. WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? ATTORNEY ALAN M. COHEN LLC, THAT’S WHO!!!

Company X did. Within three business days, I filed suit and obtained an ex parte bank attachment. The day after the Deputy Sheriff served the bank attachment the deadbeat was in my office.

It seems that the bank attachment caught over $70,000.00 and that this crimped the debtor’s style. Within a few days, the debtor had given a security interest in all of its businesses, a mortgage on its principal’s house, and a commitment to purchase more than $20,000.00 in new business.

My client recovered all of the amounts due, including attorney’s fees.

Can you say KA–CHING? My clients can. Call Attorney Alan M. Cohen, the attorney other attorneys hire to collect their bad debt.

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