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Brighton District Court —– A fruit and vegetable supplier’s customer became overripe overnight with no sign on the horizon of payment of the approximately $10,000.00 principal amount due. Not willing to write off the debt, the fruit and vegetable supplier calls me.

I immediately review the file. The invoices that the fruit and vegetable supplier had routinely sent to its customer in the usual course of business provided for interest and attorneys fees which I use to my client’s advantage. Unfortunately, the supplier did not have a credit application or personal guaranty signed by its longtime customer.

Just because there is no credit application does not mean that the debt is uncollectable. I immediately do a limited asset search, prepare the necessary court papers and file suit within one day after the supplier signs the necessary court papers that I prepare.

I request and obtain an ex parte bank attachment and a personal property attachment in the amount of $15,000.00 to cover anticipated interest, costs and attorney fees. The bank attachment catches $15,000.00 in the debtor’s account.

After less than one week of negotiations, the debtor gives up and agrees to pay the entire $15,000.00 held by the bank. The amount in excess of the principal balance pays the interest, costs and attorney fees. As a result of my prompt and effective use of ex parte bank attachments securing payment of the delinquent debt, my client nets almost 100% of its principal balance. Much better than a write-off!!

Although this does not always happen, our aggressive collection tactics increase your chance of getting paid.

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