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"Relentless Collection Attorneys"

Alan Cohen

Experienced Collection Attorney v. Collection Agency

A supplier is owed money from their customer. Despite numerous emails from the customer promising payment, nothing happens.

DAY 1: The supplier knows they have to get serious to get what they are owed. They have two choices: (1) hire a collection agency; or (2) hire an experienced commercial litigation attorney. A collection agency will only write letters and make calls—something the supplier already knows won’t work. After visiting our website and reading about our history of over 30 years of successful commercial litigation, the supplier contacts us.

DAY 2: We prepare and send to the supplier all documents necessary to immediately file suit and bring the deadbeat customer to court.

DAY 3: We file a complaint and persuade a judge to allow us to attach the deadbeat’s bank account and personal property. We regularly seek attachments because they are the best way to keep deadbeats from hiding assets and money from creditors.

The same day that we return from court, we FedEx the attachments to a sheriff to serve the attachments so the deadbeat customer feels the immediate consequences of our collection efforts.

DAY 4: The sheriff serves the deadbeat’s bank account and attaches their personal property. The bank attachment catches over $18,000 of the deadbeat’s money. The deadbeat contacts us—and after two days of negotiation, agrees to pay the entire principal balance within thirty days.

Thirty Thousand Dollars of old debt collected within days of hiring our office.

If the supplier had chosen a collection agency or an attorney with little commercial litigation experience, it is unlikely that the supplier would have been paid its full principal balance within 40 days. Although this does not always happen, we vigorously pursue collection of your bad debt in ways collection agencies can’t and other attorneys don’t.

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