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An out of state supplier is owed monies from a Massachusetts corporation (“debtor”). Despite numerous emails from the debtor promising payment, nothing happened.

After reviewing our website, the supplier contacted us. After the initial discussion, the supplier had to decide between hiring a collection agency charging 20% for calls and letters and our 33 1/3 percent contingency fee and low out of pocket expense retainer. Knowing that the collection agency would only do what the supplier itself had already done, the supplier decided to give an experienced collection attorney a chance.

Just one day after receiving the signed fee agreement, we fully prepared and sent to the supplier for review and signature the complaint, affidavit, verified affidavit and ex parte motions for attachment of the debtor’s bank account and personal property. Later that day, the supplier emailed back the signed documents.

Just two days after receiving the signed fee agreement, we had filed the complaint with the court and persuaded a judge to allow our ex parte bank and personal property attachments. When we returned from court we sent the attachments to the sheriff by federal express.

Just three days after receiving the signed fee agreement, the sheriff served the bank attachment on the bank and served the personal property attachment on the defendant.

The bank attachment caught over $18,000.00 in the debtor’s bank account.

After two days of negotiation, the debtor agreed to pay the entire principal balance due to the supplier within thirty days. The first payment was taken from the monies seized by the bank attachment; the second payment received by wire a few days later. The final payment, secured by an agreement for judgment for the entire balance was due to be received within thirty days.

Thirty Thousand Dollars of old debt collected within a little more than a month after contacting our office.

Can you say KA-CHING?? Our client can!!

If the supplier had chosen the less expensive collection agency or another attorney, do you honestly believe that the supplier would be paid its full principal balance within 40 days?

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