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Experienced Massachusetts Collections Attorney Does Collect Foreign Judgments

We Collect Foreign Judgments

Collect foreign judgments with AV Rated Attorney Alan M. Cohen. With over thirty years of experience as a Boston trained commercial debt collection attorney, Alan M. Cohen knows how to and does collect foreign judgments. As Massachusetts has not yet adopted the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, filing a new suit is required to collect foreign judgments. A new lawsuit must specifically allege certain factors. These factors include jurisdictional and service requirements. However, if you have a federal judgment, we can immediately domesticate that judgment and collect on the foreign judgment in Massachusetts.

We have extensive experience at bringing suit on to collect foreign judgments.

We don’t just file the suit and just hope to collect the foreign judgment. We actively pursuit prejudgment attachments to ensure that when you collect the foreign judgment, there will be monies available to pay you.

For more information about how to collect foreign judgments in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, call AV rated Attorney Alan M. Cohen at 508 620 6900 or email us at

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