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Foreign Judgment Collections From a Trusted Collections Attorney

Trying to collect on your foreign judgment can sometimes appear a futile effort with unfamiliar road blocks seeming to protect the judgment debtors. However,  an experienced Massachusetts collections lawyer who not only uses the most aggressive and effective techniques to try to collect your foreign judgment, but actively communicates with you so that you understand both the process and tactics makes the foreign judgment collections process much more of a team effort. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC does just that. We relentlessly pursue foreign judgments with the goal of collecting judgment debt, fight to make our client’s as financially whole as possible all while keeping our clients fully in the loop.

When we look to help you collect on your foreign judgment, we seek pre-judgment security immediately, using a collection of attachments and injunctions that are both ethical as well as aggressive to try to force your debtor to pay you directly and promptly. If you live in a state other than Massachusetts, we can help you obtain Massachusetts judgment by investigating your judgment debtor’s assets in Massachusetts and seeking to attach them all while working on  domesticating your judgment within Massachusetts.

What sets The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC apart from other collections lawyers is how we work with  our clients. We want to see you collect on your bad debt, and will fight tooth and nail for you for as long as it takes. Bringing us on as your team of debt collection lawyers not only gives you peace of mind from a legal perspective, but allows you to build a professional and personal relationship with us – one which helps both parties understand each other and allows for more effective communication on all details of your case.

Lynn Mitchell, a foreign judgment client of The Law Offices of Alan M Cohen LLC from Alabama, turned to us after going through other law offices who only saw her as a number. Through working with us, not only did she win her foreign judgment caseby domesticating and then collecting on her foreign judgment, but she built a long-lasting connection with Alan and the rest of the team. Watch the following video to learn more about Ms. Mitchell’s experience with The Law Offices of Alan M Cohen LLC.

For aggressive, relentless, and ethical foreign judgment collection, contact The Law Offices of Alan M Cohen LLC to begin your commercial debt recovery process. Our offices can be reached at 508-620-6900 or by emailing us at

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