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Foreign Judgment Enforcement and Debt Recovery Collection Is What We Do

Are you struggling with debt recovery? Can’t seem to get your monies back from your debtor just because our debtor operates in Massachusetts while you are located out of state or internationally? Are you thinking of writing it off as bad debt?


Instead, get in touch with Alan M. Cohen, our experienced Massachusetts debt collection lawyer today.

We can help you not only enforce foreign judgment in Massachusetts but also recover your debt successfully. Though we don’t promise you instant results, but what we can ensure you is that foreign judgment enforcement and collection is our area of practice and we’ll do whatever we can in compliance within the law to get your monies from your debtor. We never give up. No calls. No letters. Just action.

How We Can Help You Enforce Foreign Judgment in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is one of the four states in the US that requires the judgment creditor or their lawyer to file the domestication action so that the foreign judgment can be enforced locally. Our debt collection attorney understands the domestication procedure and will obtain Massachusetts judgment for you by filing the suit to domesticate your foreign judgment on your behalf.

Once the court permits the domestication of a foreign judgment, then we will be able to enforce it locally. While pursuing the task of domesticating your foreign judgment we are also pursuing the collection of the bad debt. Our experienced aggressive and relentless debt recovery and collections attorney will review your case carefully and investigate your debtor in-depth to select the best tactics for debt recovery in your situation.

For example, post judgment, we may choose to pursue wage garnishment as a tactic if you’re debtor is employed or has other sources of income l rental income. In some situations, our attorney may use other debt recovery techniques like attachments or ex parte attachments especially if your debtor has real estate properties or bank accounts in Massachusetts.

Attachment is a statutory remedy or collection tool that is available to creditors in Massachusetts that allows them to freeze a debtor’s (defendant’s) asset at the commencement of a lawsuit. Remember that it helps in freezing cash in the account or prevent property the debtor from selling its real property or personal tangible and/or intangible property, but it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to keep or use the asset that you have secured. Instead it is simply prejudgment security. The fact that it may have the additional result of getting the debtor to come to the table for meaningful settlement discussions and perhaps resolution, is simply a beneficial side effect.

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