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Foreign Judgments are Collectible in MA

If you have an out of state judgment and are looking to enforce it in Massachusetts, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC is here to help. As a Massachusetts law firm, not only do we understand local laws and procedures, but we know how to domesticate judgments.

Attorney Cohen and his qualified team work diligently to search for assets to attempt to collect Massachusetts and foreign judgments so that it can attempt to attach them to get you the money you deserve.

 How Foreign Judgments are Collected

To be enforceable in Massachusetts, out of state judgments must be domesticated locally. We do this by filing a suit and obtaining a Massachusetts judgment. Attorney Cohen does this quickly and skillfully so clients do not have to wait long to see results.

Some attorneys make their clients wait until a judgment is entered before they start trying to collect on the debt. This makes for an even longer process and causes creditors more frustration while they hope to get debtors to pay up.

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC know that our clients have already waited long enough. We aggressively pursue debtor’s assets from the start.

We seek to attach all of the debtor’s assets, actively discovering anything we can. Long before judgment has entered we attempt to obtain pre-judgment security so that when you win, you can get paid.

 Working With the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC

Attorney Cohen does not waste time trying to persuade debtors to pay up. To be an effective and aggressive attorney who can obtain great results for clients, he skips the dilatory tactics of others and goes straight to court. Attorney Alan M, Cohen seeks to collect the debt while domesticating o enforcing a judgment by investigating the debtor and his/her assets, and relentlessly works to help ensure that those assets are available to get you paid.

Attorney Cohen and his team are highly ethical in their methods, without compromising on getting the work done for clients.

Wherever your judgment was initially obtained, working with Attorney Alan M. Cohen and his law offices gives you a great chance at having it domesticated and enforced in MA. We are happy to help you get your money paid back, using every legal means possible and necessary.

We would be happy to discuss your legal options with you, whether you are in MA or out of state. Connect with us by calling Alan M. Cohen at (508) 620-6900 or emailing

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