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Foreign Judgments

It is a common problem for out-of-state businesses — you’ve done business in Massachusetts, and now you’re facing down a non-payment problem. The internet and ease of travel have made it so that lots of businesses are operating all around the world. However, that doesn’t mean everyone pays for their goods and services as they should.

You bring suit in your home state and obtain a judgment. Problem is, however, that the debtor’s assets are in Massachusetts and not your state. What can you do?

Except in unusual circumstances, you must domesticate your judgment in Massachusetts to get at the debtor’s Massachusetts assets. Massachusetts state courts do not allow you just to register your judgment to enforce your judgment. Instead, Massachusetts requires you to bring a new suit on your judgment in Massachusetts and obtain a Massachusetts judgment before you can enforce the judgment. Depending on your corporation’s presence in Massachusetts, you may have to register as a business in order to use Massachusetts courts, which we can do for you.  We routinely bring suit to domesticate and enforce foreign judgments in Massachusetts.

Unlike others who just bring suit and wait for the default before they start the collection process, we treat the suit to domesticate your foreign judgment as the time to seek prejudgment security to enforcement your foreign judgment.

How do we handle foreign judgment enforcement? We utilize several tactics based on your situation. We often seek residential or commercial real estate attachments, bank account attachments, equipment attachments and injunctive attachments of your debtor’s  assets in Massachusetts. Attorney Alan M. Cohen investigates to determine what assets your debtor has, and works to obtain those attachments as quickly as possible.

Post judgment, we use supplementary process, post judgment discovery and when indicated receiverships to seek to enforce foreign judgment for our out-of-state clients. We’ll take whatever options work best. We always strive to stay one step ahead of the debtor so that they cannot hide from the law. If your debtor has any assets, we will do our best to find and attach them to ensure that you are in line to receive the money that you are due.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we do not rely on persuasion through letter writing or telephone calls as a tactic. We know that delinquent debtors are not likely to pay up just because someone asked nicely in a letter or phone call. Instead, we work aggressively but ethically to compel debtors to pay.

When you’re out of state, it can seem daunting to have to try to chase down someone in Massachusetts, but do not let that stop you getting the money you deserve for your work and/or materials. As an experienced collections attorney, Alan M. Cohen is here to help you, no matter where you are based. We’ll save you time on travel, do the legwork for you, and work to give you a strong chance of collection success.

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