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Going One Step Further: Post-Judgment Litigation

Even after a judgment has been won, it doesn’t mean that the debt is collected. Debtors use their own creative techniques to hide assets, making it that much more difficult to collect money owed. That is why it is critically important to seek the services of a REPUTABLE debt collection attorney. Because even after a judgment order, a reputable attorney will go one step further employing a strategy called “post-judgment litigation”. With this tactic, a suit is brought on the existing judgment and additional assets are sought to be uncovered in order to collect debt. The value of post-judgement litigation cannot and should not be under estimated as it allows a debt collection attorney to take the following action:

  • Uncover, seize, and sell any additional assets that may have been hidden
  • Locate fraudulent money transfers
  • Seize additional bank and other financial accounts
  • Hold parties liable and accountable to judgment orders
  • Obtain wage garnishments
  • Establish and enforce payment orders

At the Law offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC we use post-litigation as it is an effective approach which we tailor to meet the needs of each individual client and case. We don’t stop until our clients get paid or there is no possible way to get them paid. For information on our debt collection legal services in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and throughout Massachusetts, please us a call today at 508-620-6900.

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