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For Business owners who find themselves involved in a situation which calls for professional debt collection or bad debt recovery, the smart decision for them would be to hire experienced debt collection attorney Alan M. Cohen, who has over three decades of experience in commercial debt collection and can help fight for your rights as a business owner. Also, if you have sued someone for not paying their debt, but have still not received any of the payments, hiring an experienced debt collection attorney can help you recover the money you are owed. Since the laws governing commercial debt vary from state to state in the US, you are going to need the experience of the award-winning Massachusetts debt collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., to help you navigate through the various debt collection rules, regulations and requirements, and determine which strategy will be most effective in collecting monies from your deadbeat.

Why You Need Aggressive Representation?

Whenever a debtor refuses to pay what they owe a business for services or products, the only reasonable way for a business owner to get back their money is by taking the debtor to court. Taking the debtor to court is the best way for the business to get back their money, especially since clients who refuse to pay can have a negative impact on the bottom line of a business. The good news that there are certain rules in place which help business owners get back their money from debtors. When going through a similar situation, the first thing to do will be to hire an experienced Massachusetts debt collection attorney to increase your chances of getting back what you are owed by the debtor.

In the world of commercial debt collection, the only way in which a business can be successful in collecting their outstanding debt is by hiring an experienced Massachusetts bad debt collections attorney who is going to be aggressive with their debt collection methods. This will be crucial to letting the debtor know that you mean business, and that you are willing and able to take all legal paths to collect your monies. Another reason why hiring an experienced aggressive Massachusetts debt recovery lawyer is because it lets the debtor know that you will not go away and will chase your debtors so that they will not get enriched on your dime. The Massachusetts collections lawyers at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC are the type of attorneys who never give up and keep on coming until they have either collected your bad debt or no one else could.

In Massachusetts, post judgment sheriffs have the right to seize any non-exempt assets of the debtor, including any vehicles or real estate. When it comes to getting back your money in Massachusetts, we know exactly what the sheriffs need to help our clients collect the money they are owned from a debtor. And we have got more ways than one to give our clients and the sheriff the tools they need to proceed with collecting our client’s outstanding debt.

Turning Judgments into Dollars

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., has over three decades of experience as commercial debt collection lawyers in the State of Massachusetts. Having decades of experience in the area of commercial debt collection, means we know what’s required to get you back your money from your former customers now deadbeats. To increase our client’s chances of getting paid we use the law of Massachusetts, both substantive and procedural to increase the chances of our clients of getting paid. As we work on a contingency basis, we don’t get paid unless you get paid so we work hard to recover your outstanding receivables.

Why There’s No Time to Waste?

Smart business owners who find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of having to collect outstanding payments from past customers turn to the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen in Massachusetts, and for good reason. While you can rest assured that we are going to be aggressive in our approach to getting back your payments (this means no useless and time-wasting phone calls, emails and letters), it is also important for business owners who are staring at a backlog of unpaid invoices, to not waste any time when it comes to the collection of their delinquent debts. There are many options a debt collection attorney can turn to in Massachusetts such as seeking prejudgment security against your debtor. A prejudgment security interest means that by obtaining a court order, you have tied up the defendant’s assets so that when you win, there is an asset available from which you can get paid. For a business owner looking to get back their payments, it is important to keep in mind the importance of time, and the impact it can have on their dreams of collecting a debt. In normal circumstances, the older a delinquent commercial account gets, the more difficult it gets for the business owner to get a payment.

Act Before 90 Days

The sense of urgency when it comes to collecting delinquent debts cannot be overstated. It is a fact that once a delinquent account passes the initial 90 days, it becomes less likely that the business will recover the full amount of the outstanding debt.  It is no secret that when it comes to commercial debt collection, after the initial 90-day period has passed, the “collectability” of the debt goes down as time passes, decreasing your chances of getting back the full payment of your debt. This is one of the main reasons why it is wise to hire an experienced debt collection attorney soon after you’ve discovered the existence of your outstanding debts. Although debts over 90 days commence getting harder to collect, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC has experience collecting debts 90 days old all the way to almost six years old. The reason our success is our tenacity. We don’t give up. We look to see if there are hidden or sheltered assets. We look to see if the defendant has morphed into a “new” business carrying on the same business as the debtor but with a new name.  Although we have seen many of the games that debtors try to play, we can’t say that we have seen them all. What we can say is that whatever hurdles the debtor puts in front of you to try to keep you from getting paid, we seek to leap over or go around so that we can reunite you with your long lost monies.

This is where the services of an experienced debt collection attorney, such as, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., comes in. With a tried-and-true plan of action, and an aggressive approach to your debt collection we can increase our client’s chances of getting back their delinquent debt. We have found that by taking aggressive action on behalf of our clients is the only way to increase our client’s chances of getting paid. If the debt is fresh meat (vegetables or whatever) and is turned over us near that 90-day window it is more likely (absent the filing of a bankruptcy or foreclosure) that we will be able to collect your debt sooner. However, whether the deadbeat is turned over to us when the debt is fresh or whether you wait until near the end of the statute of limitations, our approach is the same—aggressive, relentless, ethical and creative debt collection techniques diligently employed to attempt to collect your bad debt.  If you are a business owner who is owed any outstanding debt, then its time you called the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC for the collection of your delinquent debt.

The Collectability of a Claim

As experienced commercial debt attorneys, one thing we take into consideration from day one is the collectability of the judgment claim. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., never recommend our clients to spend more on their legal fees and other costs than they are able to receive as a judgment collection at the end of the case. While our clients argue that it’s the principle that counts, we are more comfortable knowing that our clients are satisfied by the results we were able to obtain

Before we take on any commercial debt collection case in Massachusetts, we first make a reasonable determination of the collectability of the judgment payment. We don’t waste the client’s time (and ours) with letters and emails. We get straight to business and undertake a limited asset search of the debtor’s assets. To be effective with our search we utilize all publicly available resources along with other data that’s obtained by our collection professionals. Apart from that, we use the wealth of information that is available online at government databases. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., can leverage the information we find with our years of technical experience in the field of commercial debt collection laws to determine the right plan of attack. Once we get a sense of who the debtor is, what their business operations are, what assets they hold, and what other debts, they have or lawsuits pending against them (if any), we are able to better assess our options. We use a targeted, flexible and tailored approach to getting a judgment payment, increasing your chances of getting paid.

The debtor who doesn’t want to pay off their debt will oftentimes, go to great lengths to not pay their debt. It is not unheard of for a debtor in Massachusetts to use evasive tactics to avoid having to pay their debt. To do that, they may ignore the judgment proceedings, and evade your attempts to contact them. They also often move to hide their assets, so it is not used to satisfy a judgment payment. In many cases, the debtor might rely on multiple bank accounts with the majority of funds being kept in an institution beyond the reach of their own state.Having an experienced debt collection attorney by our side will have the knowledge and know-how to handle each of these challenges on your behalf, increasing your chances of recovering the money that you are owed.

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., will seek to obtain an ‘ex parte’ (without notice) relief against the debtor, which will make it known to the debtor that you are serious about collecting your debt. Getting an ex parte is a complicated process in Massachusetts, which is another good reason why you need the help of a seasoned commercial collections attorney.

What about Debt Collection in Other States?

This is a good question. If you are a Massachusetts business or resident and have a judgment against a debtor who lives in another state your debt might not be as ‘cut-and-dry’ as you think. In cases where a business owner has a customer in another state within the US who owes them money, depending on if Massachusetts has personal jurisdiction over the debtor, we can sue said customer in Massachusetts. We file a suit, seek to obtain judgment and attempt to determine whether the customer has any assets within the State of Massachusetts, which will be used to satisfy the judgment. If we find that the debtor does not have any assets in Massachusetts, or if we are unable to file a suit because of a lack of jurisdiction, we will then move forward to forward the collection to an out of state debt collection lawyer in a state having either jurisdiction over the deadbeat or in which the deadbeat’s assets are located. Once the assets of a debtor have been located in a foreign jurisdiction, the lawyer to whom we refer the matter (paid from our portion of our contingency fee) will file a copy of our client’s judgment with the court in that state. This process is known as domesticating a Judgment. After the judgment domestication procedure, the court in that state will need to recognize the judgment that was issued by the court in Massachusetts.

You Need A Massachusetts Collections Attorney- 508 620 6900.

Does your business have an attorney? If so, does the attorney focus on commercial debt collection? More often than not, business owners do not think of hiring a debt collection attorney until an account is past due. One of the reasons to hire a debt collection attorney in Massachusetts is because once a debtor decides not to pay their bills to your company in the ordinary course of business, it is likely that your competitors are being shorted as well. So, you’re not the only one to suffer the consequences of not getting paid. As a business owner, if you decide to wait too long before taking action, it can significantly reduce our chances of getting paid, or worse, have to wait in line behind other businesses who filed suit against a debtor before you. To stay safe, it is always advised that a business owner contact their debt collection attorney early on for them to preserve all of their options to increase the likelihood of getting paid. Whether you are going through a similar situation of having to collect a judgment debt and require immediate assistance, or just want to get a fresh perspective on how you can protect the cash flow of your business from delinquent debts, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., is always open to answer your questions.

Spend Your Time Making Money. Leave the Collections to Us

If you have an uncooperative client who refuses to pay their debt, then you have a deadbeat. Don’t waste time with those who dabble in collections. Call the award-winning experienced commercial collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC., at 508-620-6900. Visit our website at, or drop us an email at

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